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Picture the scene, if you will, of a dashing and debonair young man, slim of body with flowing locks of blonde hair framing his sculptured face as he lounges gracefully on a chaise lounge. Soft music plays in the background, whilst the delicate fragrances of dinner waft from the kitchen. A tranquil scene I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now picture the exact opposite, a slovenly baw-faced guy slouching in front of the TV, his belt undone, his thinning hair needing cut, his face unshaven.

That pretty much sums me up at the moment, but then it’s been a busy weekend.

Friday night found me dashing into Glasgow to catch Elbow at the ABC. Doors opened at 6pm the ticket said, something I only realised at 6.04pm when I lifted my ticket to put it in my jacket pocket for later. Of course, having jumped in the car and raced into Glasgow, I arrive at the venue to find a growing queue standing outside and received confirmation from the bouncers on the door that doors didn’t open until 7pm. And yeah, it didn’t matter what my ticket said, alright?!

Minor glitch over, the gig was pretty damn good. I was largely going on the strength of their last album, having not had much chance to hear their new one, nor having spent much time listening to any of the others. It didn’t matter though, as the band were pretty slick, and BOY can that man sing, what a voice (although I should mention the quality of the sound, it was spot on, you could pick out every instrument and voice). Top gig, and I got to meet Paul as well, bonus!

Saturday and we were up early, with the car filled with a variety of rubbish to be taken to the dump, then a quick bit of shopping and a few other chores before heading back home. Then, alas, it was off to work for a few hours before hooking up with my parents for dinner.

And today saw some DIY, the fitting of a new light in the kitchen and a few other tidy up tasks as we continue to return our house to some sort of order.

Ohh yes, the kitchen… it’s lovely, thanks (see for yourself)

Anyway, harissa chicken is cooking on the oven, some roast vegetables will be going on soon so I’d better get the table set and open a bottle of wine. Hope your weekend is ending as well as ours.


Ick. What a horrible day. Solid grey sky, walls of drizzle, faded light. Mind you, it might just be that the office windows need cleaned.


Is it acknowledgement or acknowledgment?


My nephew has gotten himself a tattoo. A large tattoo which reaches down his upper arm to below short sleeve level (just). It would be awfully hypocritical for us to suggest he doesn’t get any more but I am slightly concerned about how future employers will view them.


Crapola. Bloglines is down. Now I don’t even have a diversion, I’ve got to work!! Nooooooo…..


Popped in to see my parents last night, they’d been down to York and stopped in at Alnwick on the way back. My Dad was showing me some photos he took and I suddenly realised that Louise and I had been in the same place at the same time of year? Why this sudden realisation? Because my Dad and I took almost identical photos of Alnwick castle – here’s mine. Like father like son, eh!

Ohh and they got themselves a rather lovely new Laguna. I’m not jealous at all, honest (but BOY was I thinking about it this morning as I whipped our little Peugeot 206 along the motorway).

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One advantage of driving about at 3 a.m., or than the fact there are hardly any other cars on the road, is seeing things you wouldn’t normally. Like the 3 young foxes playing on the grass verge, or the weather.

Yes, the weather. Driving back to Dumbarton we came across a fog bank, hovering about 15 feet off the ground, about halfway up the street lights. It was amazing to see, this glowing cloud, lowering the sky to just above our heads.

Just wish I’d had my camera., my words don’t do it justice.

Nature is pretty damn awesome, ain’t it.

In other news, having just flicked on the TV I would just like to say. BOY, am I glad I’m not trying to travel across London!!

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You’re unique, right? I’m mean there is only one Gordon McLean on the planet, right? RIGHT?


OK so I knew that, as amazingly unique as I am (and BOY am I ever unique) that somewhere there would be another Gordon McLean. However it is a bit weird (or spooky as my Mother would say) that one of the other Gordon McLeans is a friend of someone who’s website I visit almost daily.

There’s some kind of weird blogger generated cosmic force at work here folks, mark my words.

Blogging Life

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