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Boxing Day. Named because of… er… the empty boxes of … stuff.. or something.

I dunno.

I’ve eaten too much, drank… enough, and now that we are back home I’m nicely chilled out and ready for a curry and a movie. I’ve even put my new slippers on.

Christmas Day was a good one, good presents, good food and great company. Can’t ask for much more really (well, you can but that’d be greedy). We ended up with the usual Trivial Pursuit (with the ‘boys’ reigning supreme!) before firing up the Wii and playing silly games until the wee hours.

This morning I had my traditional breakfast, finishing off the trifle, and having left my parents late morning, we dropped in to see my Gran, who was very happy with her present; Violet, her new (sponsored) Orangutan. She (my Gran, not Violet the Orangutan) also had a good day, once again having a wee Drambuie to herself (from the bottle, through a straw…).

In fact one of the the only downsides came when, on the way home, the car decide it was broken so, after consulting the manual, it was a slow careful drive home and I’ll take it down to the garage tomorrow. Such is life.

Until then the curry is ordered, there is a cold beer gathering condensation as I type and it’s either Wall-E, Cars, The Shawshank Redemption, or the GodFather Trilogy.

Hope your Christmas Day was as good, and I’m sure you were all good girls and boys and got lots of fabby presents. Right?


Home again.

Christmas morning spent an hour packing the car. Picked up my Gran and headed to my parents. Gifts, food, and wine. Headed to brother-in-laws at 7.30pm. More drinks, food and gifts. Got to bed a 2.30am (earlier than expected).

Woke on Boxing Day with same headache that had been threatening to develop all of the previous day. Went back to bed at 2.30pm, woke at 5pm. Watched TV. Finally felt human(ish) at 9.30pm – too late to go and meet friends. Majorly pissed off.

Luckily managed to meet couple of friends for lunch yesterday, planned extravaganza for next Christmas. Home late evening, just in time to receive phone call from Susan. her husband had fainted and split his head open. Rushed them to casualty, a few stitches and back home in an hour.

Today, sofa, tv, movies, waiting on pizza.

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Meg rightly points out some Amazon wish list mysteries, and I’ll add another gotcha ‘found’ by a friend.

If someone buys you a pressie from Amazon they can specify that it is a gift. If, for whatever reason, you have to return it note that they won’t just let you exchange it, or give you a credit note for it, they WILL notify the giver and refund the item back to them.

Now, I understand why this happens, but it’s just that they don’t make it clear.

Anyway, now you know so you need not get caught out on Boxing Day.

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There is something wrong about being in work this close to Christmas. It’s the first time in about 5 years I’ve done it and it’s just not right.

Mind you, there is a perverse pleasure to be gained watching people scurry about at lunchtime, panic etched on their faces, consulting hastily scrawled lists or mobile phones.

Ahhh yes, the well-earned joy smugness that comes with having finished your Christmas shopping (ok, minus three things but we know what they are and they aren’t needed until after Christmas).

So, the countdown begins. Tonight I’ll wrap Louise’s presents, endure another day of work tomorrow and then it’s home for a few glasses of wine and the Muppets Christmas Carol (it’s tradition). Christmas Day we pick up my Gran and spend the day at my Mum’s. Then off to Louise’s sisters at night for drinks. Boxing Day is dinner at Louise’s brothers, then it’s the Christmas gathering of friends on the 27th. Out for a few beers on the 28th, and recovering on the 29th. Hic.

I’ve been toying with doing a recap of the year but will leave it until after Christmas I think. I’ll be working mucking about with new designs for a couple of other websites, adding a feature here and generally lounging around come the 29th December. So that’ll give me plenty of time to come up with a Troubled-Diva-esque posting about 2003. Or not.

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Deer. This reminds me of a similar sighting we made one night driving home. About 2 years ago, mid winter, snow on the ground and we were making our way home on Christmas Day (well Boxing Day actually as it was about 2 a.m.).

We’d just come off the motorway and were heading for Bothwell when by the side of the road, just after the roundabout, we spotted a Deer and her fawn. I quickly pulled over into a bus stop and we even managed to creep out of the car to get a better view. They stayed for 10 minutes or so, until another car zoomed past and they headed back of into the area of woodland behind them.

It was a beautiful sight, and to this day we still ‘check’ in case they return.

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