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Monday Mission 2.33
Haven’t done this for an age…

1. Many children have blankets, or a favorite nubby stuffed animal that they like to keep near them for security. Do you recall what you had for your “security blanket” as a child? When did you finally give it up? What brought that about?
Ehhh it was a security blanket. A soft cotton thing, don’t know what it was supposed to be, that was light blue with a satin edging. It began to get a little threadbare and then I started picking at it. It tore nicely if I remember… nice long thin strips with a good rrrrrrrripppp-ing sound.

2. Now that you are a big kid, what do you have to give you that same sense of security?
Nothing really. Louise I guess. A cuddle is as good as a blanket!

3. With a little over four months left in 2002, have you accomplished everything you wanted to for the year? Is there anything that you would like to accomplish before the year is over?
Yikes, only four months!! Didn’t set any personal goals this year, mainly practical things like, get the bathroom done (which we haven’t), finish the porch (which I haven’t). I did set out to read more books and I’m happy to say that I’m holding that one fairly steady (although Don Delillo’s Underworld is heavy going).

4. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me children have it pretty good these days. Game systems, computers in the home, microwaves, cable TV, the internet, cell phones and pagers, they certainly have a wider variety of technology than most of us did as children. What modern convenience, if any, do you think it would be good for children today to do without? What would they gain?
Nothing. I think TV time should be better controlled, but this is the age we (and they) live in. They need to know these things to be socially aware. The main danger is that they don’t ‘grow’ socially, and that’s what we have to be careful about. As long as they are getting a balanced education then I don’t see why they shouldn’t enjoy the ‘conveniences’ of modern life. Hmm can I just add that they’ve GOT to be able to do basic arithmetic and spell properly.

5. Many of us have one thing in which we believe we excel. What do you do better than most?
Learn and improve. I pick things up quickly and I know that I can improve myself through self-analysis. Be it sport, work or academically, I’ve always managed to do it – whether I did or not was a question of application. But that’s another issue.

6. In the United States, and possibly other countries, teenagers in High School usually wind up falling into several social circles or “cliques.” Stoners, Rich Kids, Jocks, Cheerleaders, Band, Drama, Goths, and so on (though the names are probably different today). What High School “clique” did you find yourself in? Was it by choice or did it just happen? Did you look down on other groups? (Aw it’s ok, it was/is High School, we all did dumb stuff)
I guess, looking back, I feel into the ‘geek’ group, but I was more a fringe player. I knew some kids in most of the groups and got on with most of them. My problem was looking down on everyone! Sorted now I assure you.

7. (it begins) I have great news! I won the contest and we now have plane tickets to anywhere in the world. The bad news is we have to pick a place now and leave in the morning. I can’t decide where to go, so you get to pick. Where should we go, and what is the first thing we should do when we get there?
The Bahama’s and as little as possible (except maybe plane the next destination). Ehh this is a round the world ticket we are talking about, isn’t it?

BONUS: Must I beg you?
No. I’m a pretty soft touch, if I don’t give in first time it doesn’t take long for me to crumble. Although you will know when NOT to push it. I’m not always a pushover!

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Monday Mission 2.15.

1. What caused your last case of pseudo-road rage?
A White van! Pulled across me at a roundabout, caused me to swerve and brake hard. Didn’t even see me, or acknowledge what he had done. I didn’t chase him for about 2 miles, honest I didn’t… GGRRRRRRR.

2. Tell me about one of your favorite television shows that was cancelled (past or present).
Ehhh jeez, can’t think of one at the moment, although I do wish my cable provider would get the finger out and carry Sky Sports Extra – I’m missing my NBA! Waaaaa.

3. Have you ever gone online and pretended to be someone else? What’s the story there?
Yes but only for a spot of sexual deviancy… kidding! No I’ve never done that, I hope I’m interesting enough just being me.

4. What was (is) one of your favorite Children’s books?
Nicholas Fisk – Trillions. Opened my eyes, when I was 11 or so, to the world of Sci-Fi and that books weren’t always about real things. Directly responsible for me reading 2001 at age 12.

5. Can you recommend a CD (tape or otherwise) for me to listen to on the drive home?
Aerosmith – Just Push Play” title=”ROCK N ROLL!!!!”>Just Push Play. Some corking driving tracks, and loads of sing-a-long choruses. That way everyone can laugh at you as well as me!

6. What is your online nickname and what is the story behind how you selected it?
Snowgoon. See Calvin and Hobbes, see Calvin build gruesome snowmen, find them funny. Search for domain, find it free, buy it, adopt it as online nickname (occasionally snowgoon2206 or others).

7. Ever been bitten or stung before (snake, wasp, dog, etc)?
Stung by a wasp. My Dad’s 50th. Room full of family and friends, and the wasp (which I already didn’t like) decides to fly up my trouser leg. Of course. Stung me three times. Little bastard things. I mean what do they DO? What function do they provide that bee’s don’t? Do we really need psychotic little flying stinging things? And is it just me or do they seem twice as threatening as a bumblebee?

: Does anybody love anybody anyway?
I do, and she knows it…. (one, two, three! Awwwwwwww)

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