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“Good grip!”

Isn’t it funny how the mind works, how seemingly trivial everyday comments open a little trapdoor in your brain allowing those little mental connections to trickle out.

Take the title of this post as an example. Ring any bells for anyone? The first line is what my brain conjured up, can you name the film?

The reason I mention this is because, during moments of pause and “blogging malaise”, my brain seems to take some delight in flinging open these trapdoors at all sorts of moments, particularly late at night when I’m trying to sleep. Most bothersome of it, I’m thinking of having it removed.

There I lay, watching the flicker of neon glow mark each passing minute with my brain leaping from trapdoor to trapdoor in an endless succession of self-referential connections that only I and possibly my wife (lying snoring next to me) would understand. Like a dream they float past my memory, tauntingly close but out of reach. Or to put it another way, I can’t remember a single thing that struck me as “bloggable” last night. Typical.

To more mundane matters then.

Louise’s brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner last night and the ever reliable Bombay Cottage did the business once again. Also got to play with Centarsia, a photo mosiac application, with surprisingly good results (some samples here). It’s a bit fiddly to start with but once you get to grips with it, and with a little care and some pre-editing, you can get some nice images… hmmm, there’s a space on the living room wall that might suit…

What else, what else?

This morning I came into work to find my mug was in the “just turned on” dishwasher. Not a happy bunny as I like my routine in the morning (in office before everyone, coffee, email, news… start work at 9). Isn’t it funny how little things like this can affect us.

Finally – anyone else noticed a drop in the number of spam emails? I hardly get any at all now, so either BlueYonder have beefed up their spam filters or spammers are targetting elsewhere… mind you, I don’t get that many real emails.. *sniffs*

Right. Enough. Work to do.

REAL content later, if yer lucky (and if I can decide on a topic – suggestions?).


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Not a bad weekend, Saturday morning was spent pottering around the house, Saturday afternoon and evening was spent with the in-laws and a fantastic curry*. Sunday was a bit of a drag though.

We had planned to meet Louise’s Granda for lunch and then drive from there through to Dumbarton. Unfortunately, the in-laws car wouldn’t start (they’d stayed the night) so we had to drive all the way back to our house, get their car started and lost an hour and a half. That, coupled with roadworks on the way through to Dumbarton cutting the motorway down to two lanes AND THEN being stuck behind two “wide load” lorries doing 20mph for most of the way, kind of put the kibosh on Sunday.

Still we had a great barbeque at my parents, I did a couple of jobs for him (that he’s not allowed to do, he’s being really good with this kind of thing), and when we got home I plonked myself on the sofa with a beer and the football.

* If you are ever in the Hamilton area, you MUST try the Bombay Cottage. Sure the diet went to hell for one night but it’s well worth it!

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