Why I blog

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve always enjoyed words, reading and writing. At school English was my favourite subject, with Physics a close second (if there had been a computing O Grade I would probably have taken that instead). My parents are both teachers and much of my inquisitive nature was fuelled by books; I still have, and treasure, a […]

Reading time: < 1 min NoticedVia referrer log (ohh how I’ve missed them): You say tomato. I sincerely urge you go and visit there and stay for a while. Even leave an explorer window open with the site displayed in the background, just make sure you can see the main background colour, and leave it there for a while. V.subtle […]

Shoot me now

Reading time: < 1 min I don’t know why, but for some reason I managed to delete the wonderful Chains of Daisies from my ‘visit daily/as often as possible’ list. How on earth did I manage that… very strange. For those of you in the know she is the generous provider of the Blogging Brits webring and proof that “A […]