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Should I go shopping in East Kilbride?
Is Harry Stone a genius?
How long will fitting the tyres take?
Why do we call it ‘silver’?
Will I remember my Blogger Pro email address for posting?
Why was yesterday the busiest day this site had in the last 12 months?
Why didn’t I keep a running total when I switched counters!
Where is the squirrel?
Should I complain more often?
Why aren’t I writing more? (also known as Why am I writing less?)
Will I be late for that appointme

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Well it seems like the Blogger guys turned on payment by credit card in February and it’s taken me this long to find that out. So I’m now a fully paid up Blogger Pro user.

Not that you guys will notice much, in fact bar the lack of permalinks for any posts before today, you will see NO difference at all.

Until I change everything of course.

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Paying for stuff
I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree recently. I’ve long been a subscriber to various ‘ezines’ and of course there are a few tools that make publishing this very website possible. I also use, and have used, some pieces of shareware for quite a while now, and all in all the guilt has become too much.

So Tag & Rename, BlogRoll, LangaList, and soon Blogger Pro. I would pay for the Lockergnome newsletter, but it’s free, as is Winamp. I own PaintShop Pro and Homesite (used to create this site) and WindowBlinds. And of course the behemoth that is Microsoft Office. All the other ‘essential’ programs I use are free. Yes I have used pirate software, yes I have installed and used cracked software, but most times I found myself disappointed and went back to the tools I know and love. The best example is the Winamp and Tag&Rename combination. I’ve used them to manage my MP3s for a long time, and Windows Media Player just doesn’t ‘fit’ for me. Ohh yes MP3s…

So, what software/service do you pay for that you feel is worth the money? Am I missing the ‘best’ piece of software?

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Proper induction at gym today. Time to find out exactly how unfit I am. This is followed by a game of 5-a-side football. Another chance to find out exactly how unfit I am. Needs must , but I do question the sanity of playing football in this kind of weather.

Hydragenic has updated – all CSS and using Blogger Pro too. Damn I’m never gonna get ahead of the pack, am I? 😉

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waferbaby ~ fusion. Join the fusion. I mean if an artistically challenged, clam handed goof like me can have a go, why can’t you?

Walked to the station this morning, about 25 minute walk in the pouring, no deluging rain (you know what I mean, right?). It’s amazing what you think about and it really helps clear my brain, woke up in a foul mood. By the time I got to the station I was calm. I’d ponder about work and what I need to do, about some stuff I really need to do at home, possible holidays for us this year.

Yes, a long walk in the rain really makes you realise things, most specifically that I need waterproof shoes, and a new jacket! Thank goodness I was in early, not a pretty sight to see first thing in the morning, a semi-naked Gordon trying to dry his clothes under the hand dryer…

To Blogger Pro, or not to Blogger Pro. As my site has been kinda dead for the past months or so, I think I’ll wait and re-do my calculations before deciding. Plus the fact that at the moment my house is sucking up all my monies, so anything to do with this site as to be classed under “frivolous”.

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