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What a glorious day it is here in sunny Glasgow. Well I’m presuming it is as things look a bit murky through the film of grime on the window to my right. It was certainly quite lovely this morning, and I almost didn’t get on the train, preferring to stand there and full the sun on my face.

Ohh and top tip. If like me you aren’t really a morning person, one good way to wake up is to get one of the neighbour’s cats to run in front of your car as you head to work. A quick jolt of the system, a stab of the brakes followed by several choices swearwords and you’ll find your heart pumping, synapses firing and you’ll be VERY AWAKE all of a sudden.

Of course as the sun comes out, the country heads into silly season, heralded by the start of Big Brother (which will forever more be referred to as the “Big Boobies 6”) and the fact that that hugely irritating piece of viral marketing has made it to number one, yes the Kerrrazzyyy Frog* is Top of the Pops. And some people give me a funny look when I suggest that there are people worth shooting. Oh well.

In blog world, MBIAT is being overrun by some very good posts from a variety of guest bloggers (I still have a login to the site from when I did the redesign, hmmmmmm), the king (queen?) of excel has cobbled together a list of Most Linked UK Weblogs which doesn’t feature my site – unbelievable as that may seem to both of you dear readers – and keeps my aim of winning a Bloggie next year for “Best-Kept-Secret” intact, and there appears to be a little spat (with my name mentioned! the shame, the shame) between a couple of Scottish Bloggers, him and him, who are violently agreeing on the same topic – the ban on smoking.

Phew. Thankfully all that means I don’t have to be entertaining at the moment, which is just as well as somebody has nicked my muse. Again.

* to be pronounced in morning breakfast DJ-stylee

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Right, I’ve been doing something thinking about how I can win a Bloggie next year. I reckon there are several areas I need to tackle, but as I’m aiming for Best-Kept-Secret the first thing I need to do is increase traffic, and get noticed by all the right people.

So, with that in mind I’ve come up with a sure fire strategy, and as we all know there are two rules for success:

1. Never tell everything you know.