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Man. Who?? Sorry Gert but your team aren’t looking too hot these days, dare I suggest that Mr.Keane is needing replaced? Where is the Gerrard, Vieira or Lampard for Man U? Most impressed with Liverpool last night, looks like the recent acquisitions will pay off. Owen who?

And Bayer Leverkusen prove what all football fans know, money can’t buy you everything, by beating the Galacticos 3-0.

And finally a mention for Tuesday night’s Scottish representatives, from the Guardian Football section:

“With two away games looming, Celtic boss Martin O’Neill already has one eye on the Uefa Cup. That’s the spirit.”

Golf now, the Ryder Cup looms and I have to admit that it’s one of the few golfing events I really enjoy. Hal Sutton (brash and loud) versus Bernhard Langer (professional and… well… German) is a clash of polar opposites. Colin Montgomerie is deep in the midst of a two year career slump, and as ever the stats say America will walk all over their inferior (on paper) European rivals.

And that’s why I love the Ryder Cup, it rarely goes to form. I know that at some point I’ll be engrossed in a match between Paul Casey and Chris Riley, who? Exactly!

In fact I think it’s only the spectacular failures in other golfing events that have really captured my imagination – most notably the way both Greg Norman and Jean Van der Velde contrived to lose major trophies.

So it’s nice to be cheering for a winner, to be on the positive side of things when the Ryder Cup comes along, and of course that’s why I watch sport. I don’t support a particular team, but enjoy revelling in that moment of glory and despair, victory and defeat, and marvelling at the drama of it all.

Are you a sports fan? Are you a dedicated fan or occasional viewer? Why do YOU watch sport?

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