A random comment made by someone in our office as they walked past my desk has just wasted 15 minutes of my lunch:

… and then he picked out some lint from his belly button

How does it get there? Why is it, almost always, blue?

Some extensive research later and gleaned some interesting facts:

Professor Wil’s theory of BBL – The comedian Wil Anderson (also known as Professor Wil) has his own theory of BBL. He claims that the body hates colours, and will expel them through the nearest orifice. So green snot leaves via the nostrils, brown faeces via the anus, yellow urine via the urethra and, yes, blue Belly Button Lint via the belly button.

Peter Johnson and Geoffrey B. Scott from the Department of Pathology at the University of Aberdeen very cleverly observed that ‘abdominal body hair tends towards the umbilicus, as roads to Rome. It is our contention that particles of Lint caught in this bristly trap are cast navelwards under the influence of body movement.’

the word ‘lint’ does not even appear in the Bible. Surely, if Adam had a bellybutton, and all that time on his hands in the garden, there would be some reference to Adam, ‘sitting in the cool of the afternoon and contemplating the lint in his navel’.

Of course there are many other sources of information, frivolity and.. well.. disgusting stupidity out there, but I’m sure you can find them yourself.

Anyone want a chicken salad roll? My appetite has disappeared for some reason…