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Yesterday was a Bank Holiday. Whilst this is not a huge event in and of itself, it is worth noting as it was probably the first time I’ve not worked one for about 10 years.

After a day pottering at home on Saturday, we headed through to a friends house for a BBQ on Sunday. Not the greatest of days for cooking outdoors but it wasn’t TOO cold. A long afternoon turned into a late night, with news of a wedding taking centre stage. I’ll also be really REALLY good and not mention fake tan… sorry private joke.

We stayed with my parents on Saturday night and arose early to took take my parents to Perth for the day. Most of the day was spent wandering around shops and gardens, with several food related pitstops. Photos were taken, the weather did it’s best, and my Mum even managed to dribble chocolate sauce down her light blue jumper…

All in all a good day. I had visions of sitting in mile-long tailbacks for hours on end, but as we were away from most of the tourist traps we largely avoided such misery. Why DO people do it?


Bank Holiday, still no sign of my pay. Feckers. Still other events are bringing context and focus.

My Gran fell last night, had to kick in the front door to get to her and she is now in hospital. Everything else is hidden behind a barrier of grey, smudged and blurry like the sky outside.

UPDATE: They are keeping her in overnight, she has twelve stitches across her forehead but seems OK apart from that (in other words she’s complaining that she’s not had a decent cup of tea). Thanks for your thoughts, VERY much appreciated.

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It’s the Glasgow Fair today, in other words it’s a Glasgow Bank Holiday. I don’t get bank holidays though but having slept in for work (!!) I’m going to work at home. As for WHY I slept in… well Louise is off all week, and I guessed we both just flaked out and slept through my alarm. Cue sudden wake up when, through one half-open eye, I read my clock and it says 09.57.

Mind you it was a bit of a crazy weekend even though we didn’t do much other than cleaning, tidying, cutting, weeding, hacking, pulling, dusting, wiping, scrubbing, washing, filling, emptying, and a lot of other -ing words. Louise’s parents arrive on Wednesday.

I hardly touched my PC all weekend which I have to admit was a nice change, might try it again sometime. This DID mean that I’ve got a bit of a backlog on my “PC-based” todo list, which includes mocking up a site design for my best mate who has just started his own company. It also includes reformatting this site to make it more accessible, sorting the display issues on IE 5.5, and re-adding the search box which seems to be absent without leave (I don’t recall removing it… did someone nick it?)

I DID spend a few hours on Saturday trying to hook up a wireless network at my sister-in-laws house. They have two PCs and I thought I’d go for the same setup that I use at home… would the damn thing work? Would it buggery!!! Still pissed off about that, will try again next weekend (when it will probably work first time without me changing a thing). Computers, don’t ya just love them?

We also managed to source a new gas fire. It’s lovely. Inset, brushed steel surround, clean lines, light colours, and only £750. Sounds like a lot, but we’d seen it elsewhere for £1250 and above and dismissed it as too expensive. Which reminds me that we have another “wee man” coming round to quote us for a new boiler/removal of the back boiler. Here’s hoping he’s closer to the £2k mark or that lovely new fire we both covet is out of the equation (and it is very much an equation, we are determined to stick to our budget)

Finally, it seems like my brother-in-laws Ménière’s is now attacking his other ear. He’s almost deaf in one ear already, and had bad attack last night. He’s booked into the specialists tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’s something else. He’s only 33. Good luck Paul.

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I should point out that I am working today, and will be working on Monday as well. We don’t get public holidays but do get a few extra days allowance to compensate. I don’t mind this arrangement, to be honest, as it means I don’t have to sit in Bank Holiday traffic. It does mean that I get calls from my wife, how does get public holidays, telling me that she’s been slounging on the sofa watching movies all morning and will probably do the same this afternoon. PPfffffttttt.

Of course I’m not sure why we even have these holidays anymore, after all it’s a religious thing, right? Easter I mean.

Now there’s a question: what would the world be like if religion didn’t exist? Ha! Answer that.

I’ll ponder that this afternoon whilst I nurse the remnants of my hangover.

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I’m sitting in work, the sun is shining outside.

It’s a Bank Holiday and most of the country is on holiday today and tomorrow.

And I’m having a crap day.

No details, but you’d think the word management would imply certain things.

Obviously it doesn’t.

Don’t ya just love this new age of communication?

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rabbit rabbit I remembered! (OK ok, so the email reminder I got helped…).

Sad news over the weekend.

Had a scary drive in a Ferrari on Sunday.

BBQ on Saturday (once the BBQ had been built) was good, the Ouzo wasn’t… Yeuch!.

And I’m working today. On the Bank Holiday. Pah…

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BBQ Friday was fun. One of those nights when you look at your watch and think, “hmmm 11pm maybe just another couple of drinks”, and then 10 mins later look at your watch and all of a sudden it’s 3am. Would have been quite happy to let the night go on.

Saturday – drinks in Arte, Mao for dinner. Nasi Goreng was wonderful well recommended if you are eating out in Glasgow. Ohhh and if you are ever in the Merchant City area of Glasgow in the evening, you must visit Arte. Blows me away every time.

Today is a Bank Holiday, but here I sit in work. Louise can brave the traffic queues, I’m far too impatient for that.

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Bank Holiday, in work, sun out. Bummer.

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