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Kitchen fitters turn up.

Kitchen fitters check the electrics.

Kitchen fitters say we’ll need to get them upgraded.

Kitchen fitters also say that the worktop for the sink area is wrong size, we have 600, should 700.

Kitchen fitters phone warehouse to order new worktop. Earliest it MIGHT be with us is in one week.

Surveyor should’ve checked all this! Louise and Gordon are annoyed.

Gordon will be writing a letter of complaint.

But work still needs done so…

Louise phones electricians.

Electrician comes, looks at job, agrees price and says he’ll turn up tomorrow.

Electrician also says we need to buy more fused switches, one per major appliance due to regulations introduced last year.

Louise and Gordon dash to B&Q to get more switches to match the ones they’ve already bought.

Today (so far):

Gordon went to bank before work to lift cash to pay electrician.

Electrician didn’t turn up.

Gordon can’t write long sentences.

Short sentences are the only way to stop him going ARSEHOLE FUCK BANDIT WANKERS!!!! over and over and over…


Ahem. Sorry.

Electrician can’t make it. Has rescheduled to next week.

And the worst thing? I’m on antibiotics I can’t even have a bloody drink!!!!


This week I will mostly be working like a person who has several project deadlines fast approaching.

Next week I will mostly be working like a person who has several project deadlines looming that week.

Expect some very disjointed ramblings then as typically, whilst I actually enjoy working to deadline (helps keep me focussed), I do have a tendency to ignore the world at large.

Mind you I did note that that old bloke in Rome died the other day, what a fuss about a silly old man. I’ve also noted that that English bloke, who’s Mum lives in that big house at the end of that red street in London, is getting married this week. Trying to figure out why either events are of interest to me has begun to give me a bit of a headache (although some have a much much lower opinion of those people), so I’ve stopped trying. Much easier that way*.

Both events are likely to have me reaching for the remote. That is, of course, presuming that I’ve got enough time in my day to watch TV.

In other news, Louise reckons I’ve opened the wound in my back further than it had been with the stitches. Feckin OOOYA BANDIT!! And in more important news, my Gran is doing fine and seems to be coming round to the idea of sheltered housing/nursing home accomodation.

And in case you missed it my Mum posted this comment a few days ago:

Gran thanks all those who sent their good wishes. I printed them out for her to read and they cheered her up no end while she was in hospital.

So thanks again. What a lovely bunch you are.

* Yes yes, I know that the Pope held a powerful position even if I don’t believe in the catholic church, but the anti-gay and anti-condom viewpoints just make me sick. His views on women weren’t exactly liberating either but then it is the year 1305, right?

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