The Picnic

Reading time: < 1 min It was a glorious day yesterday, wisps of cloud slowly meandered across the sky as the gentle breeze softly buffeted the long grass. Somewhere in Balloch Park a group of people were sitting on the grass, picking at various foodstuffs, drinking various concoctions, and chatting and laughing with nary a care in the world. We […]


Reading time: < 1 min Grass cut – check Weeding done – check Long walk round Balloch Park in glorious sunshine – check Lunch and lounging in the sun at my parents – check Dinner at sister-in-laws with Louise’s Mum & Dad – check Arsenal vs Chelsea – check Count of Monte Cristo (the film) – check Started new book […]


Reading time: 2 mins Clair has been recalling all the concerts she’s been to, so you can blame her for this. One habit I’ve always had is to keep the tickets for all the concerts I’ve ever attended (not in chronological order). R.E.M. at Balloch Park. Jools Holland in the Armadillo. Crowded House in the Big Red Shed. The […]

Fingers crossed

Reading time: < 1 min I’m standing in Balloch Park as the rain falls, my beer has gone all watery and we’re all trying to be “cheery” because that’s what you do when you’ve been standing about in the rain for several hours. I feel like a stranger despite this being a “hometown” gig for me, and R.E.M. had better […]

Reading time: < 1 min So much to saySo little energy. Long walks yesterday round Balloch Park on the shores of Loch Lomond. Emptying a loft on Saturday. It was a busy weekend. And then Monday struck and I spent most of my day trying to re-install Windows 2000, and once I managed that, re-install all the applications I use. […]