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The Picnic

It was a glorious day yesterday, wisps of cloud slowly meandered across the sky as the gentle breeze softly buffeted the long grass. Somewhere in Balloch Park a group of people were sitting on the grass, picking at various foodstuffs, drinking various concoctions, and chatting and laughing with nary a care in the world.

We were there as a wee celebration for my sister-in-law gaining her degree. She was quite tipsy by the time we left and apparently went on to the pub afterwards too!

It was a nice, relaxing day and I even found time to have a wee nap in the sun, dreaming of future picnics in the sun. All rather lovely.


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Grass cut – check
Weeding done – check
Long walk round Balloch Park in glorious sunshine – check
Lunch and lounging in the sun at my parents – check
Dinner at sister-in-laws with Louise’s Mum & Dad – check
Arsenal vs Chelsea – check
Count of Monte Cristo (the film) – check
Started new book (Lanark) – check
Completely bloody knackered but had great weekend – check!

How was yours?

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Clair has been recalling all the concerts she’s been to, so you can blame her for this.

One habit I’ve always had is to keep the tickets for all the concerts I’ve ever attended (not in chronological order).

  • R.E.M. at Balloch Park.
  • Jools Holland in the Armadillo.
  • Crowded House in the Big Red Shed.
  • The Silencers in the Barrowlands (twice, supported by the Humpff Family both times), the Royal Concert Hall, and the Albert Hall (Stirling!).
  • Martin Stephenson and the Daintees at Queen’s Hall (Edinburgh), King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, and Strathclyde University Union.
  • Bon Jovi at Ibrox Stadium and Gateshead.
  • Aerosmith in the Big Red Shed.
  • Billy Joel in the Big Red Shed.
  • Kings of Leon at the Carling Academy.
  • Runrig at the Fleadh on Glasgow Green, in the Barrowlands, and at Balloch Park.
  • Deacon Blue in the Barrowlands.
  • Extreme in the Big Red Shed.
  • Humpff Family on the Renfrew Ferry, at the Arches, and the Mayfair (Glasgow).
  • U2 at Celtic Park.
  • Stereo MC’s in the Barrowlands.
  • Sloan at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.
  • The Rolling Stones at Wembley.
  • Stereophonics in the Big Red Shed.
  • Bjorn Again at the Barrowlands.
  • The Saw Doctors at the Barrowlands (twice).
  • Martin Stephenson at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.
  • Faithless in the Big Red Shed.
  • Simple Minds in the Big Red Shed (supported by the Silencers).
  • Proms in the Park.
  • T in the Park.
  • The Big Day – Goodbye Mr.Mackenzie, Big Country, Deacon Blue, Kevin McDermott, Texas, Love and Money.

And I’m done… I think…

Most of the concerts took place between 1989 and 1998, not managed as many since getting married but slowly getting back into it. Next concert is… Bjorn Again (again!).

There is definitely something about live music, and not just the volume. A good live band knows how to work a crowd and there is nothing better than hearing a new spin on a favourite song – Massive Attack nailed Safe from Harm at T in the Park last year, sending shivers down my spine.


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I’m standing in Balloch Park as the rain falls, my beer has gone all watery and we’re all trying to be “cheery” because that’s what you do when you’ve been standing about in the rain for several hours. I feel like a stranger despite this being a “hometown” gig for me, and R.E.M. had better be as good as reported from the gig on Tuesday at Glasgow Green or the day will be a complete and literal washout.


At this very moment I’m sitting on a rug in Balloch Park, it’s a little overcast but no sign of rain, I’m a few beers to the good and I’m enjoying a great day with my friends. I’ve spotted and chatted with some old friends and some of the peeps of the interwebnet that I knew were coming. R.E.M. are just about to come on stage and from what I’ve read about their gig on Tuesday at Glasgow Green it should be pretty damn good.


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So much to say
So little energy. Long walks yesterday round Balloch Park on the shores of Loch Lomond. Emptying a loft on Saturday. It was a busy weekend. And then Monday struck and I spent most of my day trying to re-install Windows 2000, and once I managed that, re-install all the applications I use.

One quick suggestion for you all: note down every application you use, big or small, from TweakUI to Photoshop, from Winamp to Office XP, get URLs, registration codes, the works. Do it now and thank me later. Put this one down to experience!

So I now feel drained. Maybe a quick bite to eat and a shower will perk me up. Or maybe not.

P.S. On Friday night I mainly drank beer and surfed and chatted… sad geek that I am 😉

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