Bad Salesman

Reading time: 3 mins When we bought our house we knew it would take some time to modernise. It’s not been kept in the greatest of care, and we are slowly working our way through the required work. The next big job is a new kitchen, which is getting installed in March, and as we had a little money […]

Writing is hard

Reading time: 2 mins Most of you probably know, by now, that my day job is writing software documentation. Actually it’s a hell of a lot more than that but that’s a discussion for another place, which nicely brings me round to my topic du jour. I’ve been blogging for so long now that I easily slip between “work” […]


Reading time: 2 mins Friday evening and as my family drive away I open the fridge, and crack open another beer. A quick check of the TV and I decide to finish that book I’ve been reading (review to follow). One page of text later and I’m done. Nice ending. Upstairs to the computer, a quick check that I […]

Gilbert and Gay

Reading time: 2 mins Well Peter and Lyle have already answered (correctly) my question – I guess I should’ve banned certain people from answering… So why the Gilbert and Sullivan quote? Well for some reason I got that song into my head yesterday, as all I seemed to be doing was adding, deleting, editing and creating lists. I’m sure […]

BAD bad

Reading time: < 1 min And finally… Good news and bad news. My sister is happy. This is good news. The bad news; A friend of mine recently had some distressing news concerning a car getting broken into, the guy who did it cutting himself and bleeding all over the interior over the car. My friend then drove the car […]