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Some useful sites for UK car owners:
Auto Express – search for a review, add to your ‘showroom’ and compare specs easily.
Parkers – THE pricing guide for the car industry (as used by Auto Express).
Car Source – one stop shop for second hand car buys.

and finally…

Motorpoint – I’m sure this is a great site but it bugs me for some reason. Can you guess why? (Hint: visit the site before trying to answer… smartarse…)

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I’ll be working tomorrow, trudging to work whilst the majority of the country … don’t. I hope you all have something planned or you will be making a mockery of the fact that I’m in work and you’re not. It’s your duty to do something!


I’m distracting myself at the moment, NBA is on in the background, but I should really be working on Scottish Blogs. Progress has been zero as I’m increasingly struggling with PHP and I’m considering buying an off-the-shelf ‘member site’ package and customising that to help out. Mind you it’s the last thing I want to spend any money on as it’s, essentially, a hobby site. I’ve kind of lost the excitment of doing it to be honest, but I’ll keep pegging away.

One thing I DO want to spend money on is a new car. We still owe a few thousand on the current car, but I reckon that the trade-in would offset that. We’ll be getting something smaller as we don’t travel far anymore and the car’s main use is getting Louise to work, a 15 minute journey at most. Not sure what though. We’ve had Renault’s for a few years, but it may be time for a change.

So, what to buy? I fancy the new Mini but it’s a bit pricey when new, not mad keen on the Clio, the new Fiesta might be an option… not sure to be honest.

Ideally I’d like something top of the range but that’s not gonna happen – one of our reasons for changing is to try and save a little money. Guess I need to pick up a copy of Auto Express this week.

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