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Well let’s see, horrible weather all weekend, snow, hail, rain, galeforce winds .I’ve hardly stepped out of the house, and it seems we need some pointing done on the front wall as we have a damp patch showing – the joys of home ownership.

Of my long to-do-list I got one thing done. Painted the office wall (singular). Not sure the colour goes with the dusty pink carpet though, what do you think? .

We watched Arlington Road last night, was OK, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, solid enough performances by the cast, but you never felt really drawn into things, moved along too quickly at times, too slowly at others, pacing was all wrong. Nice ending though.

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Ocean’s 11 was very good – funny, clever, entertaining. All the cast members performed well without trying to outshine each other, which was very refreshing. Thoroughly recommended bit of light entertainment. It also prompted a discussion about who the female was in the original (my gut said Angie Dickinson – but was I right?). And of course I’ll be buying the soundtrack v.soon, loads of smooth jazzy numbers on there.. nice.

In other good news – finally purchased Groundhog Day on DVD. My video is wearing thin, as it’s one of those safe moves we watch over and over again. Also new to the collection: Highlander, Arlington Road (never seen it though) and Copycat (was recommended to us by my brother-in-law, I’d missed it at the cinema, and have to say it is a very good thriller – why didn’t it do better at the box office?)


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