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A final reminder then. If you are in Glasgow around 2pm (onwards), pop by the Radisson Hotel (the new one with the funky blue facade) on Argyll Street and head for the pool table. Bloggers will be there. You can usually tell who we are because of the cameras on the table, maybe even a laptop (although that doesn’t happen often).

Feel free to stop by and say hello, were not THAT scary a bunch… and yes, we’ll probably still be there in the evening too.


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Does anyone else do this? Is it just me? Read on…

Louise is on holiday today, tomorrow and Monday. I’ll be in work those days. That’s fine. No problem. My usual travel partner is also on holiday (it’s her birthday). No problem there either.

I’ll take the car to the station. I can use the iPod on the train* to drown out Little Miss Loudgob. I’ll get off the train at Argyll Street to add a 10 minute walk to my journey (trying to be healthy).

I’ll get into work. Have a coffee. Read my email. All will be well with my day.

That’s the plan. That WAS the plan. That WAS the plan until some tosser plonked himself down right next to me on the train, and managed to yank the earphones from my ears AND out of the iPod jack. That WAS the plan until my ‘morning walk’ turned into nothing more than a continual ‘avoidance of wankers’.

So I’m narked. MAJORLY.

Thing is I shouldn’t be. I did take the car to the station. I did use the iPod on the train. I did get off the train a stop early and walk to work. I have had a coffee (now two) and I AM reading my email.

But it wasn’t exactly as I planned. It didn’t pan out as I thought it would, wished it would, dreamed it would. That annoys me.

I get the same way at the weekend. I like to plan. I like to know what is coming, and I don’t like deviation from it, not one jot. My plans do not allow for variation. Variation is bad. Variation gets me narked.

Anyone else suffer from this?

* Instructions for setting ‘acceptable volume levels’.

1. Hold the headphones in your hand, NOT next to your ear.
2. Press play.
3. If you can hear the singer drawing breath between lines – IT’S TOO LOUD!
4. Set the volume so that you can barely hear the music.
5. Place headphones on head/in ears – depending on model of headphones.


If anyone knows the woman who had her ‘walkman’ set so loud that I could hear it three rows away, WITH my iPod playing, please forward these instructions on to her. If she isn’t contactable by email please phone her but remember that you may need to shout as she’s no doubt in the final stages of progression to complete deafness.

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Regular readers will know that on Friday we have cakes at work. This Friday I have a meeting at 10:30 so I decided I would go and get them (we work on a volunteer basis). Now bear in mind that for the last 4 days, we have had glorious sunshine, and it’s been lovely walking around the city with the sun and the breeze from the Clyde wafting round the buildings.

Of course, as I had decided to go and get the cakes it rained.

I suppose it’s karmic retribution for my posting on Wednesday: “Apologies for those in the south of England, I gather it’s raining every so slightly down there… shame… “

(Ohh I’d have linked to the post but the archives are screwed again, and hey, it’s only a quick scroll down the page)

This post was drafted whilst walking along Argyll Street. Does anyone else compose posts in their head when they are not at a keyboard?

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The burst water pipe on London Road and the 20ft high geyser gushing from it (and driving past it in a convertible).

The man in tight yellow outfit, including cap, goggles and headphones, swaggering along Argyll Street making everyone smile and laugh (and I think he was doing it on purpose).

The banana skin outside Central Station, lying in perfect ‘comedy’ position.

The man in his thirties and the woman in her sixties furtively looking around them before kissing. Dangerous liason?

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