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… mainly travelling down to Reading, by train, on Sunday. I’m there for three nights, so if you are in the area I’m free on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Or if you are attending the X-Pubs conference, I’ll see you there!

That leaves me Saturday free to launch my new ‘homepage’ on my ‘personal domain’. Nothing revolutionary, yet, but it’s the final piece of the domain name reshuffle…

So if you are still using www.gordonmclean.co.uk to access this blog it will stop working at some point over the weekend. You’ll still be able to get here just not automagically. Sorry about that, but you were warned!

Other than that, I’ll be painting the hall, in “Classic Damson” and no, not “…in distress, and doing a little gardening whilst my wife cycles round Millport.

And, whilst I remember, I finally decided on the Pakuma Chokora K2 Messenger bag, which I’ll be road-testing (well, train-testing at least) over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the previous post, it has sparked some thoughts and an idea but.. as ever… more on that later!

So, anyone doing anything exciting over the weekend?

Quick update: More on that Arena Flowers thing.

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Arena Flowers

A while ago I asked “Would you take the money?” in reference to an email I received offering me a cash voucher in return for posting about my experiences using an online store. The answers to that question varied, but by and large you mostly agreed that, as long as I was upfront about everything, there wasn’t a problem with me blogging for cash, as it were.

I can now reveal that the email that sparked that question was sent by Will Wynne, the Managing Director of Arena Flowers a company I had used with some success back in February.

In the email Will said:

“We’re pretty happy with how we’ve put the site together and some of the fancier features we’ve developed and were wondering both what people thought of them as well as how blogging could help spread the word about Arena.

Of course you are under no obligation to write good things about us and, if you think we’re rubbish, please let us know. Privately or online, it keeps us on our toes, and we’d rather know something was wrong and fix it than be afraid of bad press. Of course you don’t even need to write about us; you’re welcome to use our service and get the free flowers with absolutely no obligation to say anything to anyone at all. In fact if you think this is a bad idea or feel a little uncomfortable, please let me know your favourite charity and I’ll happily donate the õ0 to them instead.”

So, with all that in mind, I took him up on his order and, as it’s her birthday soon, decided to order my lovely wife a nice bunch of flowers from Arena Flowers (and yes, I disclosed this to her as well, I’m not THAT cheap!).


Valentine’s Day looms, flowers to be purchased. We all know the prices go up, but only Arena Flowers actually state that (and explain why!) when you try and order ‘non-Valentines flowers’. So bonus points to them. You can get a 10% discount as well by entering VOUCHERCODES when purchasing flowers.