At the conference

Morning, in a short while I'll be delivering my presentation, trying to keep everyone awake whilst I waffle on about why blogging is the best thing ever and WHY AREN'T YOU DOING IT?? Or words to that effect... Don't worry though, dear reader, you can view the presentation and read through some of my notes

Blogger again

I'll stop after this.Business Plan. What is it and why did it prompt the new 'revamped' design?There is a lot of focus (rightly) on the new look and new features (and changed features). But where now? Keep adding features for free? Really? When you are taking on Moveable Type and have been, seemingly, static for

The party

As promised.We arrived early, to help the hostess set things up, and to start drinking as early as possible of course. We got there about 8pm, and were greeted at the door. The host and hostess had pretty much everything done, so we posed for photos and started drinking. I was going to wear a