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I WAS going to write about the article on Jacqueline Gold and discuss whether her Ann Summers shops were adding to the objectification of women, or whether they were helping women become more confident, empowered and… something else that fits the feminist checklist.

I WAS going to write about whether being normal was a good thing, or not and at what point ‘being normal’ becomes extraordinary.

I WAS going to tackle, as I said I would, the situation in the Middle East, hopefully offering some suggestions as to what (if I had the power) I would do to help rectify things but, in balance, I’m not sure there is much anyone can do. The simple fact, in that situation, is that there are two diametrically opposed groups, both of which are armed. The only solution is to disarm both. And that’s never going happen.

Instead I’m going to talk about one website that I visit every single day, usually more than once, and which has slowly been evolving.

In particular I want to mention the new ‘Show and Hide’ sections that have been added recently and, specifically the section that will supply “Local news, weather and sport”. It’s a great idea. I really like it but there is a tiny problem.

It loads AFTER the rest of the page!!

Previously when visiting the BBC News website, I only had to pause for a second to let things load and I could start clicking onto stories that caught my eye. Now?

Now I have to pause for a second then, just as I go to click on an interesting article in the top half of the screen… IT MOVES! The “Local news, weather and sport” section starts to load, causing the entire screen to shuffle to accomodate it.

This is REALLY beginning to piss me off, so much so that I even considered switching to another news source, something like FOX News maybe?

So, rather than switch to an entertainment channel like FOX, I decided to just delete the BBC News cookie from my machine so it would forget the local information I’d supplied. Now I can get the news I want, when I want, and where (on the screen) I think it’s gonna be!


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I’ve been thrown out of my own home tonight. Usurped by a group of woman paying homage to the all powerful creator of “The Rabbit®”. Yes, Louise is hosting an Ann Summers party tonight. A room full of women, a table full of nibbles (low fat of course) and cupboard full of booze, not to mention the skimpy underwear, vibrators, bondage kits, and other ‘novelty’ items (penis shaped candles and the like).

What really annoys me (because unsurprisingly I’m not bothered about being ‘forced’ out to the pub) is the general attitude you get when you mention “Ann Summers”. Instantly, responsible adults either blush, humm and haww then change the subject, or go the other way and nudge-nudge,. wink-wink… what’s she buying for you then?

I mean we all have sex (or would like to) yes? It’s like eating, sleeping, pissing, we all do it, we just don’t talk about it because it’s.. *snicker* n a u g h t y. Good grief, when is this country going to grow up?

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