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Well a second game of 5-a-side has been survived. With no cramps, just a bit of a niggle from Tuesday but I can live with that.

Firstly, thanks to all for your suggestions, I was aware of most of them but the potassium and calcium ones were new. Anyway, I had a packet of salt and vinegar crisps mid-afternoon, drank plenty of water and had a banana about an hour before we played. So.. emm.. that means that one or all of those solutions worked for me. Ohh and before anyone asks, I ALWAYS stretch before and after, I learnt that one years ago.

If you also get cramp, you might find the following links useful, particularly the first one:

1. MUSCLE CRAMPS: Do they cramp your style?
Discusses several of the theories and suggests experimenting with them all to find a solution.
2. Hydration – including how you can tell if you are hydrated
Plumbing (pun intended!) new depths now, pee analysis?
3. Night Cramps
I’m including this because I’ve had it three times now, the first was when I was… 14?… the most recent occured when my foot and lower leg were in plaster. Trying stretching out a cramp with a cast on!

This has been a public health post, brought to you courtesy of zed, Dad, Pootlecat, Dragon, Ann Marie, Donalda (the latter two really should get a blog… come on gal’s it’s dead easy to setup, and you’d be brilliant!)

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Harmonising Horses. Why? Why not I say! (click a horse to start) (via Ann Marie – who needs to get a website!)

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I knew most of this, but it’s always good to find everything you’ve picked up about something (over a few years) confirmed in one place. Lorem Ipsum.
“There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain….”

Also includes a Lorem Ipsum generator, and you never know when one of them will come in handy:
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Now hopefully I’ll get more search hits from Google than the usual.

And just for kicks here are the last 10:
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I’ve been following the coverage of this sporadically, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well at the moment. According to BBC News: Crisis looms over world summit.

The US Bush Administration is, once again, looking for a way to get away with doing what they like. The arrogance of this attitude angers many, including a large number of US citizens, but, and this is kind of childish, I just get the feeling that the US Bush Administration is basically thumbing it’s nose at the rest of the world. The message: “We’re bigger than you and we will do what we want, nah nah na na nah”.

Add to this the lack of discussion on the key issue of climate change (think recent floods, droughts etc) and you have to wonder if the summit will acheive anything of note. Too many politicians involved I think. I don’t necessarily mean those with government affliations, but those people who represent a whole variety of government, social, and environmental groups and are busy making sure that there position isn’t compromised too much. Add to that the plethora of businessmen in there (who undoubtedly have their companies best interests in mind) and we get a curious clash of cultures.

More from Greenpeace.
Friends of the Earth.
US defends it’s record.

*Post edited as per Ann Marie’s comment. Sincerest apologies (damn yank… 😉 )


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