New music

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve been ripping some more CDs to my PC recently, and thanks to an iTunes smartlist I can confirm that today I will mostly be, randomly, listening to tracks from the following albums: Joni Mitchell – Blue and The Hissing of Summer Lawns Iron Maiden – Best of the Beast Pink Floyd – Dark Side […]


Reading time: 2 mins I’ve often pondered if there were any way I could make money from this silly little hobby. That pondering has been doubly deepened recently given that my wife’s hobby (“occasions” card making) is now bringing in a little cash each month and that kerfuffle about Mr.Kottke quitting his job to blog has got me a-pondering […]

Amazon Associate

Reading time: < 1 min OK I’ve joined the Amazon Associates program to make LOADS of money. Or probably not. But it has set me thinking. An example will best demonstrate my thoughts: I’ve got a CD wishlist (which isn’t on Amazon as it really needs to be kept separately.. far too long you see) one of which is Sade’s […]