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I have a lot of books. I have a lot of unread books. I keep saying I’ll go through the ones I’ve read and ditch some but I never do. Instead I buy more. I don’t know why I do that. Why do I do that? Why do I buy more? I have enough as it is, many unread. So why, as I have many books, do I buy?

It’s a compulsion, etched into my mind, an inherited trait that I can’t fight, an itch that remains out of reach no matter which way I toss and turn.

I have books on all sorts of topics, fictional stories that others have recommended, factual books on many topics, from mental wellbeing, web design, philosophy, gardening, exercise, movies and more. Just about all of them are kept for some tenuous reason or another but I really need to let go…

But that doesn’t help solve the puzzle of why I keep buying new books, especially as I have so many that remain unread, some of which I purchased several years ago.

I’ll quite happily admit that I bought a few books with ‘betterment’ in mind (and ‘of mind’). Be they a classic novel or a book on the great philosophical thinkers (bought from Meg I think) I deliberately chose them with a view to becoming better read, whatever that means, although I quickly ditched those in favour of the really highbrow stuff (The Da Vinci Code for example) so that reasoning has back-fired.

I wonder if I buy books because I don’t trust my memory and I’m scared I’ll forget the name or author of that one killer book? Perhaps I need to do is hack my brain to chuck the name and author of a book into a list, rather than just order it “because it’s only £4.99”. I mean we all know what lies at the end of that road, “it’s only £4.99” soon becomes, “yeah but I’m gettin’ 4 books for under £20!”, swiftly followed by “Ohhh one more for free shipping…”.

I buy books based on author, David Mitchell, Ian Rankin, Alice Sebold, and ignore them for the latest James Patterson. Hell I’ve probably read more pages from Esquire magazine in the past 6 months than I have pages of a book. I know I go through spells of reading but this is becoming an increasingly dry time. A fallow spell of unbroken spines, if you will.

Why do I read? For enjoyment largely. I enjoy the escape, the way time slips past in the shadows as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into the words on the page.

If this were a movie, this is where you’d get a CGI scene with the words floating up off the page and spinning up and round me as I sit, transfixed.

Ohh and whilst I remember, you bloggers who have had books published (I count 5 on my shelf) aren’t helping!

You know what, perhaps a clear out would help. Allow me to refocus on the books I’ve not read. Yes yes, a clear out is in order.

Let’s not be too hasty though… let me just check what Amazon have on sale…

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The story of a murdered schoolgirl, this book offers a unique perspective of how her death affects her family, her community and herself. Told through Susie’s eyes, as she watches the people in her life from heaven, this is both a thriller, a love story, and an exploration of life and death all wrapped up into a very readable package.

The scope of the book is at once huge and yet focussed, and the storyline moves along nicely ensuring you are never bored, and always intrigued as to what is going to happen next. The characters are nicely developed and this was a pleasure to read. One of those books that slowly draws you in, and before you realise it you can’t wait to turn the next page, read the next chapter.

Excellent stuff, thanks to whoever recommended it (I really must start writing these things down somewhere). Now, what next?

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Saturday I had a lie-in. Lounged around all day, watched football, X-Men 2 and pretty much did nothing. The most challenging aspect of Saturday was deciding when to go to the toilet. It was a much needed lazy lazy day after the last couple of weeks at work. That and I’d had a tickle at the back of my throat for a couple of days and figured I was fighting a small bug.

Sunday and with the blue skies calling us we headed out into the garden. I dug over a small area at the front of the house, ready to replant some Montbretia. However that was about it for me, I pottered around a little, then we stopped for lunch after which I fell asleep on the sofa for two hours. My darling wife left me sleeping and cut the grass!

My parents came over for dinner and I decided to take a couple of days off work.

Today I’ve been out in the garden, a little weeding, splitting and moving the Montbretia and more pottering about. Very pleasant.

I stopped at about 4pm and wandered to the bookcase as I’m currently without book. What do I spy there? Getting Things Done, the very book I mentioned on Friday. So I’ve started that AND The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, as I’ll need a literary distraction as well as a productivity “bible”.

Not entirely sure what I’ll do tomorrow, depends on the weather although the forecast isn’t good. I’ve a few things to tackle but I’ll make a decision tomorrow, once I see what kind of mood I’m in.

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