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Interesting discussion the other night, we’ll see what comes of it. Interesting discussion this morning, we’ll see what comes of it. To clear a couple of things up – Alec Guinness had 8 characters, the re-design is still going, sleep patterns matter (although I’ve been ignoring them), and I HAVE been writing stuff for this…

6 or 8?

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I should really check, but I’m too darn lazy… did Alec Guinness have 6 or 8 characters in Kind Hearts and Coronets?


R.I.P. Sir Alec

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Well we survived the weekend…just. Not that we had the best start to Monday morning, Sir Alec Guinness is no longer with us. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. It is a true loss of a great character actor, and from all accounts, a great man. Oh and if you only know…