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OK, I’ve gotten the guesting thing at Jezblog sorted (thanks jazz), wilil now need to think about what I’m gonna say over there..

And I forgot to mention that we caught Finding Nemo (2003) last night (pun intended). Funny, well written, and very enjoyable. I don’t think I’d rate it as high as Monsters Inc. or Toy Story, but the animation has moved on again, and the characterisations were strong. I think, and this may sound odd, that the lack of a ‘A-list’ celeb on the cast in a lead role let it down. Albert Brooks was OK, and Ellen DeGeneres was hilarious at points (I agree with Hg that the ‘whale talking’ bit had me in tears laughing), but overall it just seemed to lack a little … something… hard to put my finger on, but ultimately you never really got drawn into the story fully, and were left marvelling at the impressive animation a lot.

Ohh and the IMDB site doesn’t have it listed but I’m sure that the ball from Luxo Jnr. has appeared in every Pixar film to date, but I couldn’t spot it. Mind you I missed Buzz Lightyear in the dentist waiting room.

P.S. Nemo has been found.

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Finding Nemo

The return of everyone’s favourite ‘Disney’ house – Pixar – and I was itching to see this one. As ever, the storyline is well layered, and the animation is… breathtaking at times, some of the effects are truly staggering. Plenty of funny moments, and plenty of well aimed, dual level, jokes. All in all a typical Pixar film. Except. Well it’s hard to figure what it is that doesn’t quite get there, and I think the only thing that let’s this film down is the choice of ‘voices’. With no offense to Albert Brooks, but his voice work with Marlin, whilst in no way bad, doesn’t quite get there for me, leaving you just a little detached. However it is still leaps and bounds ahead and above it’s contemporaries.


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