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It’s all his fault, him and his “old skool kicksology“. Although I guess I could work a little harder on the willpower front…

Let’s rewind a little.

I enjoy playing basketball, but don’t get much chance these days. Many moons ago I used to play every Sunday night, and my idol, like every basketball fan of that era, was Michael Jordan. These were the days when rampant commercialism was just beginning, in fact I’m not even sure we realised, back then, where it would lead, so it took me all of a nano-second to decide to buy my first pair of basketball boots and, naturally, they’d have to be Air Jordan (V).

I can remember trying them on in the shop and the first time I wore them on a court, the squeak and slap of the sole on the varnished wood still etched in my memory. You see, of all the sports I’ve ever played, basketball was not only my favourite but something at which I was, well, let’s say above average. Ohh balls to that, I was pretty good! I’m still not sure why, possibly something picked up from my Dad — memories of being allowed to play in the school gym where he taught, and entire basketball court and more to myself — or maybe it just suited my brain better. Whatever the reason I know that, in my year, there were two good basketball players and I was one of them.

Those basketball boots lasted me for several years before, having worn them almost constantly, they kinda fell apart. Ohh yes, it was a sad day when they were finally laid to rest. A touching ceremony, although Mr. Jordan declined the invitation to attend.

Zip forward several years and, in Stoke Mandeville, I found a group of guys who met up on a Sunday night to play basketball. I hadn’t played for years but leapt (no pun intended) at the chance to get back on the court. Admittedly these guys were all MUCH better than me, including the guy who could dunk, but I held my own and enjoyed every minute. I invested in a new pair of basketball boots and, unable to shake my youth, I plumped for the latest Air Jordans again (the XIII). I still have them, as I don’t really wear them often, and it’s those very same boots that I was wearing when I broke my foot.

That was three years ago, and the boots are still at the bottom of my wardrobe. With no basketball in my near future, Lord knows I’ve no reason to buy another pair, not even if they were the same as my beloved original Air Jordan V.

But I did.

Hey, they were cheap, doubly so as I paid for them a couple of weeks back when the dollar to sterling rate rendered things virtually ‘half-price’, and they arrived on Monday. Yes, I have NO willpower. Unfortunately you can’t buy that on a whim (which, surely, is kinda odd?).

Frivolous? Hell yes. But you should see the smile on my face!

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So, how can you find out if a website is scamming you?

I WAS going to order some replica Air Jordan V’s from Old School Sneaks but I’m a bit dubious to be honest. There are a few other sites selling similar stuff which have been outed as scam sites, but I see no mention of Old School Sneaks. On the other hand, I can’t find a customer reference (there are some on their site but I’d rather read it somewhere else).

What REALLY gets me is that I’ve never been that bothered about this stuff in the past, usually it’s only after I’ve clicked that button that the (admittedly small and distant) bells start ringing in my head.

I guess it’ll be covered by the credit card company if it IS a scam but how do you prove it?

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Three quarters of the way through a post about re-mortgaging, Lloyds TSB, Air Jordan Mark V, Lomo and Photoshop and WHAT happens?

My PC turns itself off.

The problem seems to be the cable modem. Someone from Telewest will be getting an ear bashing tomorrow morning!!!!

Bugger this, I’m off to bed.

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