Mundane life

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Well I think I’ve spoiled you all enough for the moment, so I’ll withhold my next piece of literary ramblings for another time. That makes it sound like there is something waiting in the wings. There isn’t, just to be clear. I make it up as I go along, honest. And so to everyday matters….

Health update

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Just a quick one as I’m back from the doctors where my blood pressure (after 4 weeks of increasing amounts of an ACE inhibitor) is now 144/86. The upper number (systolic) is easily changed, run up a flight of stairs and it’ll rise. Sit still for 20 minutes and it will fall. The lower number…


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Just a short note to update myself on my opinion of this double album by OutKast. It’s ace. I’d even go so far as to say FUCKIN’ ACE! Yes, it’s THAT good. When I first listened to it I didn’t really get it and it seemed dis-jointed and decidely bitty. If you listen to it…