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Prompted by the little fluffy kitten (as she is currently known), I’ve been pondering my musical habits of late and realised that, unlike the aforementioned little fluffy kitten, I currently lack a soundtrack for my life.

I bought a few albums over the past couple of weeks, some that I missed through 2008 (Kanye West, Q-Tip, Emiliana Torrini) but none have stuck yet. In fact I think there were only two albums that really ‘stuck’ last year. The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow, and Like Drawing Blood by Gotye.

That’s partly down to the fact that most of my listening time is at work, and I recently wiped out my iTunes library to start over, losing the date the tracks were added and, thus, the ability to wheedle out only the last X weeks of new stuff. This leaves newer albums lost in the mahoosive library of music that I have accumulated over the past ten years or so and, frankly, it’s something I need to tackle.

I have plenty of hard drive space so I think I’ll be ‘archiving’ some music to a separate folder, where it can sit until such times as I remember that it’s there and at that point it’ll be a decision on PLAY or DELETE.

Anyway, I have no soundtrack at the moment as I’ve been dipping into old favourites as it’s easier to remember those than recall the last 10 albums I bought.

According to Last.fm, the artists I listened to most in the past 3 months were:

  1. Aimee Mann
  2. Queen
  3. Pearl Jam
  4. Kings of Leon
  5. Sigur Rós
  6. Puddle of Mudd
  7. Radiohead
  8. AC/DC
  9. Elbow
  10. Foo Fighters

Which, given that only half of these artists released an album in 2008, and none of them are ‘new’ acts, might explain why I have no soundtrack other than the same half dozen songs that auto-repeat when I can’t think of any others.

Ohh well.

Just by Radiohead it is then…


We got a Wii in January, and Guitar Hero arrived this week. I’ve not played it much but there are a few tips I thought I’d pass on.

The first one is obvious, if you don’t have it (and you like rock music) GET IT! I know it’s hard to find, I ended up ordering mine online. I first played it at about 2am on New Year morning, and was instantly taken with it. It’s quite a straightforward game but is completely absorbing, mind you I’m not sure the word ‘game’ is adequate, it’s more an entertainment experience or something…

The next tip is to make sure you’ve closed the curtains, drawn the blinds, and generally are free to prance around your living room like a twat. Not that you’ll be prancing much but you do want to be…

…standing up. Tip three made a real difference to me, and whilst I’m not entirely sure why I do know that being able to move along to the music really helped me suss out the combinations and rhythms.

And finally have an alarm clock or some method of alerting you of the time. The temptation for just one more song is high and before you know it, you’ll hearing a banging from upstairs as your wife gently yells that it’s TWO FUCKING AM! SHUT UP!! as you shred through some more AC/DC… allegedly.


I’m a planner. I plan. It’s what I do. I’ve always found planning and designing more fun than doing. I am the guy who can take multiple ideas and stream them into one thing. I am largely INTJ. I’m quite happy being that person.

However it doesn’t sit well with the fact that I (largely) don’t trust other people to do things the way I want them done. Tha sounds worse than it really is, so let’s just say that some people do things in a way that I find odd. I’m sure those people say the same about me. So with my desire to plan and my tendency to want to do things my way, in my own time… well… things can take a little time to get done. Take, for example, the shelves in our kitchen.

When we moved in there was a multitude of things to do, and we decided to do things in a certain order. The redecorating was done first, then smaller jobs that would make the house more ‘live-able’ were tackled later. In the kitchen there was a gap of about a foot between the end of the kitchen units and the wall. It was crying out for some shelving and after some measuring up my Dad provided the wood. All I had to do was drill a few holes, cut a few batons, and so on. Not a big job.

Yet the wood for the shelves lay around our house for 4 years, being moved around as we shuffled rooms, stubbing toes and generally getting in the way wherever I moved them. There is no good reason that I didn’t put them up for that length of time. I just didn’t.

But I digress.

You see, I have this week all planned, mainly because it’s what I do, and largely because it’s my way of ‘coping’ whilst Louise is away. No I don’t mean I can’t ‘cope’, I’m perfectly capable of cooking, cleaning and… what’s that chore called where you use the hot thingy to make your clothes flat…

Of course, plans are all well and good but sometimes, frequently as it happens, the “can be bothereds” get in the road. But that doesn’t stop me planning. It’s what I do.

So, for the record, and because typing it up helps me with the planning exercise, here is my plan for the week.


“At the end of the day, to be honest, I think I can safely say that I take each post as it comes. Although I’ve always got on eye on the next game post, it’s usually end to end stuff.”

Despite watching and (occasionally) playing football I rarely post about it mainly because I’m aware that most my readership doesn’t give a flying galactic toss monkey about it, and also because I’m what I consider a ‘neutral’ fan. This means my views lack the objectivenessless of the diehard, lifelong supporter, lack any real degree of passion or involvement and soon dissolve into an exercise in trying not to offend. The latter is only because I’m a nice guy though.

My Dad was/is a P.E. teacher so sport was always a topic of conversation and knowledge in our household with the possible exception of football, mainly because my Dad prefers other sports. I know a lot about the techniques and tactics behind a large variety of sports, having read a lot of the books my Dad was using/reading on various sporting topics, even if I don’t play them all.

Another reason I rarely post about football is that I don’t really have a team that I support. I truly a neutral fan. At the moment I’m loving Chelsea in the English Premiership, AC Milan and Real Madrid have long been continental favourites of mine, honed through the early years of Champions League and European Cups in the 80s, but I’ll watch pretty much any game if it’s good. Man Utd in the mid 90s were awesome to watch, and Arsenal of a couple of years ago were breath-taking with their pace and passing game.

I do play football, although a lot more of my time is spent on the PlayStation (Pro Evolution Soccer) than on the 5-a-side pitch these days, and I’m waiting for Christmas to get Football Manager 2006 for the PC. I’m currently second in the fantasy football league at work, and as I live in the West of Scotland and hugely aware of what is happening with Rangers and Celtic. As to which of THOSE teams I support, well that depends on who I’m talking to or, more accurately, who I’m trying to wind up. I don’t really support either but it IS fun pretending.

I think video techology can and should be used, I think stiffer fines should be imposed on players who cheat, and I would love to see more discipline on the pitch.

So, there you go. For the three of you that have read this, I hope that answers some questions.

* Soccer, for my American friends.


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