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Stuck. Paused. Diverted.

I have a couple of new projects to work on, a couple of projects that are stuck at the “hard bits” (both in theory and in workload) and I’m managing to avoid them all at the moment. Filling my time researching, taking care of other small tasks.

I’m partway through “Getting Things Done” and have considered that it is because I’m not sure how to progress the projects, and that I have many other minor distractions, that I’m putting them off. For one of the new projects I’m hoping to use some of the techniques suggested in the book – one of the techniques suggests a two day downtime whilst you get yourself sorted, I’m hoping to be in that position next week.

It could be a bad case of AADD, acquired Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder, which brings with it the problem of a constant state of partial distraction. No matter how focussed I think I am on a project, it’s a constant battle not to check emails or news feeds, not to start the brainstorming for that other project, not to stop and put the bin out or bring the clothes in from the line. I’d offer more on this but, you know, CBATG.

I usually combat this state by working at home. Conversely (perversely?) for me I find I’m more comfortable here, have fewer distractions and so can get more work done. However the more I think about… hang on… bloody car alarms.. where was I?

Oh yes, the more I think about HOW I work at home, the more I realise that, whilst I do tend to produce more output when I’m at home, I do still have many distractions (car alarms withstanding) but when I’m here I can at least action them. There is very little point in remembering to take the washing in whilst I’m sat in the office.

So I have done what everyone does when they have many things to accomplish, I’ve started a list. However instead of listing all the things that are in my line of sight at the moment, I’ve only listed the most important two. Yes, two.

You should see the list of distractions though…

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