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You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.


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The ever evolving state of Gordon McLean and how he’s finally found his identity.

Saying goodbye to Dad

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It was my Dad’s funeral this afternoon. It was a short service at a local crematorium, with only 18 attendees allowed, all of us sitting in socially distanced seats with our masks on. Surreal. That aside it was, as my Uncle Nigel said, a dignified service. The Rev Ian Miller led the way, and I…

Happily Happy

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It was a fairly standard evening. We’d had our dinner and were watching a little TV together, it’s part of our routine to unwind and destress from our working days, we chat over dinner and then spend a few quiet moments sitting together, distracting ourselves with (currently) episodes of Modern Family. As soon as she…

Chocolate Raisins

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I’m guessing it all started with Sun-Maid Raisins. If you are of a certain age (shut up at the back!) they were a staple part of your packed lunch, sitting right next to the tuna paste sandwich and, if you were really lucky, a carton of Ribena. Ahh yes that little red cardboard box that…

The new normal

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My alarm goes off at 7:30am. I get up and have breakfast. At 8:00am I log in to my work laptop, check any tasks/calls for the coming day. I take a break every 50 minutes to stand and stretch. I write in my journal during a break. At midday I stop for lunch. After that…

What a wonderful world

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Wrote this a couple of days ago, still processing all this, still adjusting. We are ok. I am ok but my emotions are veering all over the place from ‘it’s horrible but we will get through it’ to utter fury and outrage at the reaction of a government I didn’t vote for, to a quiet…

Tracking my aims

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tldr; I set myself some aims at the start of the year and, by and large, I’ve been mostly successful at sticking to them. Yay! I wrote a few weeks ago about some aims I had for the coming months, all of which were built from one core resolution, and I’m happy to say that…

Progress update

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At the start of the year I set out some aims for myself and, in the spirit of accountability, here’s how I’m doing with each. Writing – Write in my journal every day Progress – I have written in my journal everyday for the past 45 days! What’s next? – Get back into writing short…

Why explore?

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The full moon glowed, peeking out from behind the racing clouds. Glimpsed through the dark winter branches the surface, in all its mysterious pockmarked glory, seemed visceral, a small step away, a gentle leap into the night sky. As the clouds parted, glittering stars appeared, transporting me to places at the edge of imagination, beyond…

Aims not goals

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I’ve already stated that my main resolution for 2020 is to be more mindful when I use social media. My reasoning is that I want to waste less time aimlessly scrolling, to give me more time to do other things that I get more personal value from, things that I know are good for me…

Same hae meat

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Welcome to the year 2020! A new year has arrived and with it a new resolve is found and plans are forged; a time of personal goals and improvements, a time to re-invent, to start over, to become a better you! To help you in your quest you’ll be pleased to find there are many…


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A new decade lies before us. And I have a resolution for this coming year (and goals for the next three). Let’s start with that resolution: I resolve to limit my time on social media. I acknowledge that I won’t ever be fully off-line but I’m determined to step away from the mindless scrolling and…

Walking Dave

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Picture the scene. I’m sitting on the sofa watching TV. There is a small brindle dog lying next to me, gently snoring. At my feet a small black dog lies on a rug, knawing on a chew toy. He stops, stands up, and turns around to face me. He whines pathetically, his bottom lip petted….


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The hurt of loss, the longing of one, the distance from those, the untouchable. I wrote those words a long time ago. Time is a great healer yet those who have lost loved ones will know, all too well, that it only takes a tiny moment to bring memories snapping back into vivid view in…