Bye bye Europe

My first visit was to northern France on a posh camping trip with my parents. We drove down, got the ferry across (to St.Malo I think), and then head to southern Brittany to a pre-erected tent with beds, a fridge, cooking equipment, table and chairs. It was warm, but a different kind of heat than

That was America

Back home after two weeks of travelling around parts of the East Coast of the USA, which went a bit like this... We flew in to Stewart International Airport (courtesy of Norwegian Airlines who we recommend) we picked up our hire car and headed up to Framingham, just outside Boston. The following day we spent

Holidays are coming

The flights are booked, I've already got my packing list started, and we're sorting out what things we might do when we get there. We fly in to New York, and then drive up to Boston for a day or so. Then we have a couple of days to pootle around Cape Cod, Providence, Hartford

Back from Tunisia

We did done a holiday! We had a few simple criteria for our holiday. It needed to be under £500 each, it needed to be somewhere hot and sunny, and ideally it needed to be all inclusive. After various online searches, we had it narrowed down to a week in Cyprus, or a week in

Roll on the holidays

For various historical and religious reasons, none of which I pay much heed to, I will be on holiday from this Friday through to Tuesday the 3rd of May. Given that it's only costing me three days from my holiday allowance, then it's almost like a free holiday. Part of that time will involve a

Lego Advent

Mumsy knows me well, she knows I am still a big kid and so she bought me a Lego Advent calendar. It's AWESOME! (if somewhat random...). Each window has a little lego kit to build, all of which will come together and, well, I'm not really sure they WILL all come together, like I said,

Say Cheese!

Well not you obviously, and no, before anyone asks I didn't JUST take photos of the scenery, there are photos of family too I just don't upload them often. Here then, the best of the 100 or so photos I took.

Home again, home again

I'm currently operating on about 4.5hrs sleep having landed earlier this morning and suffering the return of the 6.30 alarm. Spain was warm, sunny for the most part, a little misty some mornings, blowing a gale for two of the days and we saw a beautiful lightning storm rage over the Mediterranean. I read books


There is a sense of mild, but controlled, panic in the air. I've only just realised that, a week today, we'll be flying to Spain for a week in the sun. Don't quite know how this has taken me by surprise but there you have it. All of a sudden I'm in the "pre-holiday zone"

The festive period

December the 24th is Christmas Eve. I mention this not as a startling revelation but because it's the first of eleven days that I have off work. So if I discount the 25th and 26th of December, as well as the 1st of January as I'm Scottish and by law we are not allowed to

Memories of Budapest

On reflection I don't really have the words to describe just how stunningly gorgeous the city of Budapest is, we ran out of superlatives very early on and the sheer number of photos I took (even when you discount several retakes) of random buildings and parks, statues and memorials, should provide some indication of how

Snapshots of Budapest

It's taken a while but I've managed to whittle the number of photos down to a manageable amount. There is a lot 'missing' and a lot of detail I'm still trying to recall (thankfully someone else was paying more attention). (click the photo to view the set) And before anyone complains, think yourself lucky, my

Food and Friendship in Budapest

I'm still downloading and sorting through the.. ahem.. 1568 photos I took whilst wandering round Budapest (and two videos), and thought I'd take a moment to try and capture my thoughts about our trip. We were staying with friends in Solymár, which lies north-west of Budapest, right on the edge of the fantastic public transportation