Cycling: Wed, 4 Jul 2012 16:13:35

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Map is a bit wrong, lost GPS for some reason, I did not magically fly across the Clyde and back! Activity: Cycling Distance: 13.14 mi Duration: 00:45:34

Back on the bike

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April? APRIL! What the… How does this happen?! Anyway, life continues apace (it seems). Holidays are being booked, cars being pondered, and still in the background a website remains unfinished. Must. Get. It. Done. Weight continues to fluctuate, the last two weeks I’ve been ill (again) and as the course of antibiotics finishes I’m getting…

Almost Christmas!

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I have a terrible memory, if I didn’t have access to a calendar (app/website) I’d be completely lost. The flipside of this is that, because everything goes into my calendar, it’s easy for me to see that between now and Christmas I have something (a gig, a wedding reception, nights out and other commitments) planned…

On yer bike!

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At the start of Cycle Glasgow 2011, originally uploaded by Gordon. Last year I agreed to take part in the Glasgow to Edinburgh cycle (mostly because my mate was nagging me to do it). I didn’t own a bike but it sounded fun. Then, early this year as you all know, my Mum had…

In the mood

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Right! Yes, right. I think, yeah I’m pretty sure, well as much as I can be, that my mindset is in the right place. I pick up my bike on Saturday (finally) you see, hence the change of mindset this week, in preparation. Hmmm, I’m waffling. Let me explain. For a long time, many many…

The Mothership has landed*

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Mum is home! Look, here she is as she walked through the front door! Thank you to everyone for their kind messages of support here, and on Facebook which I’ve been using a lot more to keep people, family members in particular, around the world up to date. It’s been so handy even my Dad…

Hounds of Hell

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Glancing down at the readout I notice, with some dismay, that I’ve still got 4 minutes left. I glance around me, at the huffing man on the treadmill, the two girls gossiping whilst idly spinning the wheels on their bikes, and a middle-aged woman staring in bewilderment at the exercise sheet she is holding. And…