Aims not goals

I've already stated that my main resolution for 2020 is to be more mindful when I use social media. My reasoning is that I want to waste less time aimlessly scrolling, to give me more time to do other things that I get more personal value from, things that I know are good for me

Same hae meat

Welcome to the year 2020! A new year has arrived and with it a new resolve is found and plans are forged; a time of personal goals and improvements, a time to re-invent, to start over, to become a better you! To help you in your quest you'll be pleased to find there are many


The title of my blog has been Happily Imperfect for some time now. I've written about this before but since then, things have changed. The name came about because I am, on the whole, happy with who I am, where I am in my life, and where my life is headed. If anything, the past

Back to fitness

I've not been to the gym for a couple of months whilst I get my hip and ankle issues sorted. Shockwave treatment worked a charm, and physio is going well so far which leaves me confident of getting back to some level of fitness sooner rather than later. I don't do New Year resolutions but


Picture the scene, I've stripped down to my underwear, I'm lying on my left side on a bed. A man enters the room, consults some notes, eases down my underwear to expose my right hip. Spots the X that was marked on my skin by the first guy I saw, murmurs "OK…" and then, as

Fit and fat

I stepped out of the shower the other morning, dried myself off, wrapped the towel round my waist and turned to face the sink. I reached up to retrieve my electric toothbrush from it's charging point and caught my reflection in the mirror. I don't really look at myself all that often, I'm not exactly

45 miles

My first bike was a Boxer. It was royal blue, with chunky tyres and these days would probably be called a mountain bike (for kids, it was tiny). It was the smaller version of the Grifter, which itself was a BMX/off-road kinda thing with the most totally awesomest twist-handle gear shift just like an actual

Focus needed

With no apologies whatsoever, I'm gonna talk about going the gym. Again. The next block of 'boot camp' sessions starts on 4th October. It's the third time I've signed up and have to admit I'm looking forward to it starting, and it's got me thinking about how I can make it successful. The first time

A week off

(aka a wee cough) With 10 weeks of BootCamp behind me, I was looking forward to changing up my exercise routine, trying some of the other classes at the gym, and getting out on my bike ahead of this years Pedal for Scotland. Mostly though, I was just chuffed that I had stumbled into what

BootCamp complete

Bootcamp is over. 10 weeks of twice weekly HIIT sessions. I've farmer carried, tyre flipped, pushed up, planked, burpee'd, kettlebell'd, squatted, crunched, bear crawled, lunged in various ways, slammed balls, punched bags, pulled up, rowed, and more. I've eaten my body weight in sweet potato and chicken. Cursed, sweated, and pushed myself until I can

The Dark Side of the gym “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” It was a chilly Wednesday evening. The clouds overhead muted the world to dull colours and greys. I can remember driving their on the first night, the churning in the pit of my stomach,