The Drugs Work

On Monday evening we got home to a slightly limping cat. He had a sore paw which we really didn't want us to touch, and was generally moping about feeling sorry for himself. He seemed a bit better yesterday morning so we left him to it and went to work. However when we got home

Taking a break

I'm in the midst of a hectic, hectic week so I'm taking a wee break from this here blog. I'll be back at the weekend. (Of course I won't be completely silent) Until I return, here is a picture of Oll-E doing what he does best and what I'll manage little of in the coming

Dust covered

Home last night to view the latest bathroom work and we now have gyproc'd walls, floorboards and a bath. A great big, deep, long, WHITE, bath with centre mounted taps. We also have a very dusty cat. Whilst part of me knows that cliches are such because they are, usually, true, there is no doubting


I don't talk much about our cat, largely because I don't want to become one of THOSE people who do nothing but talk about their pet but in the year since he's been with us, and I choose my words carefully for one does not 'own' a cat, he's slowly and annoyingly wormed his way

Random notes of no importance

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Is it wrong that I'd really rather Ollie killed the mice rather than bring them into the house to play? It's one thing picking up a dead mouse, quite another to spend 20 minutes chasing a live one round the living room at 3 am. Melody Gardot & R.E.M. After catching

Life ahoy!

Right on cue, the star of the show wanders into the living room, damp from the drizzle outside, he rubs himself dry on my trouser leg. And now he's lying on my foot, dozing off... purring like a contented cat should. Actually I wasn't going to talk about him but as he's made an appearance

Modern Life is Rubbish

Kitchen is almost finished. Last bit of tiling is getting done on Monday, most of the flooring will go down over the weekend, then it's a couple of touch up jobs with a paintbrush, a little wallpaper and we're done!! I've sent off my letter of complaint and received a phone call following up to

Why having a cat is good…

Too busy to blog? Just show a picture of your "far too cute for his own good" cat. Simple. (he's sitting in the unfinished kitchen, BEFORE we ripped out the final set of units behind him)

Laughing is good

It's fair to say that we are both fairly stressed with the ongoing 'lack of kitchen' saga, so it's been good to have a hearty chuckle over the past couple of days. The cat flap we fitted for Ollie is working fine. It uses a magnetic lock to stop just any old feline wandering in,

Ollie update

Seeing as someone asked... He's doing fine. Ohh you want details? Well he got his booster injection yesterday and didn't put up too much of a struggle, so he's now all clear, vaccinated, wormed, flea treatment applied, all ready for his week long holiday in a local cattery. The vet gave him a quick check

What of Scottish Blogs?

But first, a cat update: Ollie is fine, no cone as, apparently, they don't use stitches any more? He was a little groggy last night but was up and hungry as usual this morning. And I said this wouldn't become a 'cat' blog. Hmmmm. And so, onto Scottish Blogs. The website lost hosting late last

Today I am mostly…

He may be a new addition to our house but little Ollie is already well settled. We understand his moods and wants, and he's already squirmed his way into our hearts. Which made leaving him at the vet this morning all the harder, doubly so as, when I bent down to say goodbye he stuck


No, this is not a kitten post. We are not getting a kitten, there will be no cuteness here, well maybe a little for we are getting a cat in a week or so, more specifically we are getting a 1 year old, jet black cat called Ollie. My nephew and his flatmate have to