bookmark_borderDaisy is 1

Dear Daisy,

How are you one year old already? Doesn’t time fly when you are such an adorable, cute and funny little person!

Admittedly it’s taken until about now for you to stop frowning or crying when you see me but don’t worry, your sister was exactly the same so I didn’t take it to heart, and these days I even get a high five when we say goodbye so I know it won’t be long before I’ll be taking you for ice cream, oh yes!

It’s been a tricky time, and we’ve not seen as much of you as I’d like, with a pandemic still ravaging the world 2021 was always gonna be a funny year, and let’s not forget your little cousin who joined the family in October. Despite all that though watching you grow and your character start to come through has been wonderful. You are all go, bouncing around (almost walking!), and always want to be in the middle of the action, a (not so tiny) whirlwind of chaos, it’s glorious!

Your big sister loves you, that much is clear and as your Uncle it’s great to see you both getting along and I only hope that continues so we can have some fun Uncle days out! And yes I’m aware that, if the current trend is anything to go by, that will involve a lot of unicorns which I’m perfectly ok with. Unicorns eat ice cream, right?

What a joy it has been to watch you evolve from those early days just lying in people’s arms and taking in the world to the vibrant, smiling girl who is a little shy with me still but who is more than happy bouncing around the floor, grabbing at everything she can.

When you were still only a few weeks old, your Aunt Becca and I took you for a walk in your pram, this tiny gorgeous bundle, all swaddled up against the cold. We walked along into Balloch Country Park, the whole time checking to see you were ok, that we hadn’t jostled you awake, and that you knew you were safe with us. Those feelings haven’t changed, I still want to know you are safe, still want you to know that you’ll always have a place in my heart and that I’ll always be here for you no matter what.

One last thing though, there will no doubt come a time when either you or your sister, being the mischievous little scamps that I know you already are, will ask me who my favourite niece is, so I’ll answer that right now just to get it down on record.

You both are (unless the other one isn’t in ear shot 😉 ).

Love you,

Uncle G

bookmark_borderWelcoming Daisy

Hello Daisy,

Welcome to the world, a world that just got a little bit better because you arrived. We’ve known your name for a while now and I have to say it suits you so well.

So in a similar vein, as I have been doing for your big sister Lucy, I thought I’d introduce myself; I’m Uncle G, hello! You’ll see me from time to time along with your Auntie Becca, but all you need to remember is I’m the one who will ALWAYS take you for ice cream.

I know things are all very new right now, but don’t worry, I’ve seen how loving and caring your Mummy and Daddy are so trust me when I say that you are in good hands, plus you have an extra special big sister to look out for you and be your friend. I guess I have to admit that little sisters are ok, and I promise I’ll do my best to guide your big sister in all the ways to help and tease you! Hey, it’s my job, I’m Unky G (blame your sister for that, although I do wonder how you’ll pronounce it).

Auntie Becca and I are so happy you are here and we are both looking forward to spending time with you, getting to know you, and spoiling you when we can although we know you’ll get plenty of that from all your grandparents! One thing to remember though, don’t get used to it, try and play it all down, act cool and they’ll only try harder to win your affections (even though they’ll have them already, but don’t let them know that either!).

I can’t wait to be part of your life as you grow and while I hope that you won’t copy your sister when she was a baby and burst into tears whenever I enter the room (thankfully that stopped after a couple of months) I know that she will help you with so many other things and will be there whenever you need her. As will I and Auntie Becca. That’s all part of the deal of being an Uncle you see, I’ll always have time for you, whenever you need it, even if it’s when you hit the stroppy teenager phase and need some time ‘away from that lot’, there will always be ice cream and hugs here for you. You should know that the same offer applies to your sister though, no favouritism here!

The world is a little bit upside down right now but hopefully, by the time you are ready to venture out into it and meet people properly for the first time, it’ll be a little bit more normal. Until then I’m sure there’ll be plenty of photos and video calls! And as soon as we can we will be there to meet you in person and give you a cuddle.

I know you’ll be loved and cared for so well by your family, and I’ve no doubt that in no time at all you’ll be sharing all your thoughts with everyone, likely at the same time, and speed, as your sister and your Mum. I do feel a little sorry for your Dad, he’s never going to get a word in edgeways.

So, welcome little Daisy, we hope to see you and get a first cuddle very soon!

Lots of love,

Uncle G and Auntie Becca