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On Monday evening we got home to a slightly limping cat. He had a sore paw which we really didn’t want us to touch, and was generally moping about feeling sorry for himself. He seemed a bit better yesterday morning so we left him to it and went to work.

However when we got home last night he was limping heavily and his paw and leg were starting to look swollen so it was off to the emergency vet where he got a couple of injections, an anti-biotic to fight any infection and an anti-inflammatory to help with the pain and keep the swelling down.

He was a bit groggy when we got home so we pulled his bed into the living room, and put his food within easy reach. He had a wee nibble at some of his food and then fell asleep.

We were told to try and keep him calm and not let him go out for the night, which wasn’t a big issue as he ended up sleeping through until morning. He will be back at the vet later today, but he was up and about without much of a limp this morning.


I’m in the midst of a hectic, hectic week so I’m taking a wee break from this here blog. I’ll be back at the weekend. (Of course I won’t be completely silent)

Until I return, here is a picture of Oll-E doing what he does best and what I’ll manage little of in the coming few days.

Windowsill cat

Cat Life Work

Home last night to view the latest bathroom work and we now have gyproc’d walls, floorboards and a bath. A great big, deep, long, WHITE, bath with centre mounted taps.

We also have a very dusty cat.

Whilst part of me knows that cliches are such because they are, usually, true, there is no doubting the fact that curiosity is very much in the nature of a cat. I think he’s explored every single inch of the stripped out bathroom that he can reach, including clambering up onto the windowsill to stick his head up the gap where the pipe work disappears into the loft and if he’d been able to I’ve no doubt he’d have clambered up in there.

He’s obviously a little stressed too with men in the house all day, thumping and crashing about, not to mention all the new smells and that big climbing frame that is currently in the hall (the stack of boxes containing tiles, sinks and other bathroom parts).

Oll-E does two things when he’s a bit stressed, he sleeps a lot and becomes a right wee sook *.

Whilst most nights he’ll sleep, well anywhere he wants really, including the occasionally venture onto the foot of the bed, last night found me lying on my side with a small black furry creature, purring loudly enough to wake the dead (but not Louise) curled up in the gap between my stomach and the edge of the bed.

Which is very cute but makes rolling over a tad tricky!

Cat Life

I don’t talk much about our cat, largely because I don’t want to become one of THOSE people who do nothing but talk about their pet but in the year since he’s been with us, and I choose my words carefully for one does not ‘own’ a cat, he’s slowly and annoyingly wormed his way into my affections, the little sod.

There is some pleasure to owning a cat, beyond the occasional dead animal and scratch mark here and there, as they are quietly affectionate in an aloof kind of way. Ollie is very much a people cat, and whilst he won’t sit on your lap he does tend to follow you around and stay in the vicinity, like a slightly disinterested guard dog.

Not growing up with a cat I still find his behaviour a little curious at times. What IS the fascination with walls about? He’ll happily sit there for 5 minutes staring at the wall, glancing around as if watching a fly when there is nothing there at all.

Ollie has a bed in the living room, raised up with scratch poles underneath it, he also has another bed which is floor level and a bit like a tent. He uses both. As well as the sofa, windowsills, the chair in the spare room and our bed too (black cat hairs on my pillow, very easy to spot!). He has a routine for such things, so whilst early evening he will be on his raised bed, he will slope off that onto the nearby sofa for a while then go out for a wander. When he returns he usually sits on the kitchen windowsill and at night if he’s not on the bed at our feet then he’s on the chair in the spare room.

He’s hell bent on tripping us down the stairs, and on getting himself kicked as we walk from room to room, he still nibbles at your fingers to get attention and thinks that tiny red dot from the laser pointer is the most fascinating thing in the world.

Yeah, the bugger is quite fun to have around.


Who? Me?


Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Is it wrong that I’d really rather Ollie killed the mice rather than bring them into the house to play? It’s one thing picking up a dead mouse, quite another to spend 20 minutes chasing a live one round the living room at 3 am.

Melody Gardot & R.E.M.
After catching her appearance on Jools Holland (and as a side pondering, does anyone refer to it as “Later… with Jools Holland”? No, it’s just “Jools Holland” innit) I listened to some samples from her album and promptly purchased it.

Listening to it I can picture her onstage persona, sultry jazz singer, and I wonder if that impacts how I engage with her music?

It was the same after I saw R.E.M. a couple of years ago, their last couple of albums had largely escaped my notice (to the point that, for example, I’m still not entirely sure on which album the track “Lotus” can be found), and I was a bit non-plussed… until I heard the tracks live.

Yet after the gig, re-listening to those same tracks now is a different experience.

Yeah I know, nothing startling but it’s been on my mind.

That and the fact that R.E.M.’s new album, Accelerate is rather stonkingly good.

Power out
All of a sudden the screen went blank, the music fell silent, and the power LEDs faded. We’d had a powercut.

“Bugger” he exclaimed in annoyance.

Actually he said “ohh fucksticks” because he was rather cheesed off having spent 30 minutes carefully crafting a newsletter entry. Then hope made an appearance for he had used Google Docs and Google Docs autosaves every now and then and maybe, just maybe, he hadn’t just lost all of his work.

And then the glimmer of hope widened, the websites he’d been using for research were opened in Firefox tabs, perhaps it will have saved them as well.

Lo and behold it was true. Google Docs HAD saved all of his changes, Firefox DID remember which tabs he had open.

Ahh the joy of the righteous, I KNEW I used web apps for a reason.

Mind you, it still amazes me that GOOGLE Docs don’t allow you to send the documents by email… I’m sure they have an email client as well… right?

Financial Ponderingmentness
Between oil prices rising, and the credit crunch … er… crunching, I’ve been taking stock of our financial situation. It’s not that bad, although the looming remortgage will impact it in one way or another.

I’m tempted to go through the remortgage process myself, following the Moneysavingexpert’s guide of course, but wondered if anyone else had done the same?

Cat Media Work

Right on cue, the star of the show wanders into the living room, damp from the drizzle outside, he rubs himself dry on my trouser leg. And now he’s lying on my foot, dozing off… purring like a contented cat should.

Actually I wasn’t going to talk about him but as he’s made an appearance it’s probably worth well letting all his fans know that he’s still as playful, friendly and inquisitive as ever. If he’s awake then he’s always at your feet, checking what you are doing. So helpful. We do have a bit of an issue in that, during the day, he tends to sleep on my office chair so if I’m at home and on the computer he tends to hover around me, occasionally nibbling my feet, reminding me in that way only a cat can to HURRY UP AND GET OFF MY CHAIR!

Again, right on cue (I’m typing this on the laptop whilst the TV is on in the background), the O2 broadband advert has come on. It’s telling because I’m considering switching to them for both our broadband and my mobile phone.

iPhone thoughts aside, I’m fed up with Orange and desperate to get a better handset, one which syncs with my Outlook calendar (or Google Calendar) and so I’ll be heading back to Windows Mobile land again (HTC Touch Diamond anyone?) or if the new iPhone is worth it I might go down that route.

As for broadband, it’s not that I’m unhappy with Virgin Media it’s just that the O2 deal is better. I’ll need to get a full idea of price as I’ll need to factor in getting a BT line reconnected and how much I save if I’ve already switch my mobile to O2… anyone with any thoughts on this, please chip in. Most of the forum posts I’ve found about O2 are all positive, and having had an O2 SIM card (PAYG) the signal is much better in our house than the one I get with Orange.

And lastly, me. I’m now popping 5 pills a morning and I’m back to the doctor in a fortnight. By then my blood pressure should (better!!) be hovering around normal. If not, well I’ve no idea what is next but we’ll cross that bridge etc etc.

Aside from that, not much else to report. Life, as ever, keeps on keeping on.

Cat Life

Kitchen is almost finished. Last bit of tiling is getting done on Monday, most of the flooring will go down over the weekend, then it’s a couple of touch up jobs with a paintbrush, a little wallpaper and we’re done!!

I’ve sent off my letter of complaint and received a phone call following up to tell me they had received it and I will receive a written response soon. So that’s moving on nicely, and my altercation with a taxi is now in the hands of the Glasgow City Council licensing board.

Work has been increasingly busy these past couple of weeks, hence the paucity of updates here, it’s all I can do to stay awake long enough to eat dinner sometimes. It’s been great though, and I’m really starting to grow into the role (now that I’ve kind of figured out what my role is!). Plenty about that on my other blog mind you.

And speaking of blogs, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get back to commenting again. Yes it’s easy to say that you are still reading but sometimes that little comment counter can make a huge difference to your blogging mojo. It’s the little things that make a difference.

So, just got my health to sort out then we’ll have a semblance of order resorted (results of tests due tomorrow). I’ve almost completely eliminated “additional salt” from my diet, it’s taken a bit to get used to it but I certainly notice it when it’s been added. Hopefully that, plus the diuretic (bendroflumethiazide if you must know) will bring my blood pressure out of the stratosphere it was operating within (195/122 at highest reading… but down to 174/114 about 10 days ago).

I’ve also made a conscious effort to relax and de-stress, but truth be told I don’t feel any different, a little easier to tire since I started the pills but… yeah… not much has changed. Aside from my diet of course, which also means I’ve lost a little weight… things are heading the right way.

In other news, our cat is growing up. Looking back at photos from January he’s noticeably bigger and today he made his first kill!! A little baby starling. Shame really but we knew it would happen. Frankly I’m a little disappointed, it can’t have been much of a challenge so I’ve told him not to come back next time until he’s got one of the bloody magpies in his claws.

And that’s quite enough of that. As soon as I get the kitchen finished I’ll be starting a book clear-out, more on that… later.

Blogging Cat Life