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One key factor behind blogging is “sheer egoism“, and I’m no different. So here are a few links to a variety of sources of information and websites that are. in some way or another, linked to me.

Awards wot I have won
Best Manly Blog 2006
(note to self: win more awards)

URLs that I own/Sites that I run/ran:

Scottish Blogs
I also have a tendency to sign up for the latest ‘webapp’ and then not use it, if you see a “snowgoon” anywhere, it’s probably me.

Other bits
Ageless Project
Mirror Project 1
Mirror Project 2
1000 Words – A Picture’s Worth
Member of Topics Blog (now deceased)

Public Domain
Facts still being confirmed
If you own issue ?? of .Net magazine, my (very old) site was featured on page… (it was it really was, but I can’t remember which issue. Dammit).
If you own the O’Reilly book Essential Blogging – I can be found on page 223.
I was interviewed on Radio Scotland on Tuesday, March 9th, 2004.
I featured in the Scottish Sunday Times Ecosse magazine on Sunday, March 13th, 2005.
I was quoted in the Guardian on Tuesday, February 7th 2006.
I was quoted in the Sunday Times Ecosse section on Sunday 11th March 2007.

A few interviews, scattered willy-nilly across the interweb.
9rules Personal Blogger Interview
An interview on the Scottish Blogs website (yes, with myself…)