Happy 4th Birthday

Another year has passed and wow what a year you’ve had!

OK, so I’d best mention your Mummy and Daddy getting married first, I guess, as it was a pretty big day in their life and I know how happy they were to have you there (don’t tell your Mum but I think you might have been the prettiest girl that day!). It was a wonderful day of celebration, but my best memories were of you dancing with your Mum and Dad, a tiny moment in a day full of laughter and love, and there you were, the three of you all smiling and laughing.

It was quite a year for you all round, not only did your Mummy and Daddy get married and you got to wear a beautiful dress, but you also started dancing class and in no time at all there you were, performing on stage all on your own, utterly fearless and full of confidence. For all your quiet shy moments of the past, you seem to have an inner strength to you and don’t often seem to get fazed by things, long may this continue! I know you are just turning four today, but the longer you can hold on to these traits the better your life will be (I’ll do my best to remind of you this as you grow older of course but I already get the feeling that won’t really be needed).

As your personality grows, we are finding out that you are quite the little performer, not to mention a bossy chatterbox at times.

Now, I do have a couple of bones to pick with you. We’ve spent a little more time together this past year and, whilst I really enjoyed my time with you at the park one day, I’m not sure your constant commands of where I could and couldn’t go were all that necessary, especially when any digression on my part ended up with me covered in boiling hot lava! OH NO!

And then there was the evening that Auntie Becca and I took you to Xscape and you thought it would be hilarious to throw snowballs at me, not your Auntie Becca, ONLY ME! I have to admit I felt a little bit picked on, but seeing how happy it made you and how hard you were laughing, perhaps I did egg you on a little too.

What a beautiful sound it is, that little giggle you have, that bursts forth so often as you continue to learn and explore the world around you with such a lovely perspective – apparently one day when your Mummy’s tummy was rumbling after she’d had some ice cream, you thought it was maybe just that her “tummy was saying thank you”! – what a kind hearted little soul you are. We already knew this but it was further highlighted a few days later…

We got a message from your Mummy, apparently you had gotten a sticker at nursery for a ‘random act of kindness’: “Lucy’s friend Elizabeth has spina bifida, she is unable to walk unaided. They were playing a game where the kids chase each other round in a circle. Lucy was being chased by Elizabeth but knowing she can’t run Lucy immediately started crawling instead… She wasn’t asked, told or had this happen before, she just knew in her head she had to go slower for Elizabeth to catch her.”

Your personality is growing but it’s clear you have a good heart to go with that cheeky smile, something that will stand you in good stead as you grow older, the world needs love more than ever these days.

Christmas was even more fun this year, now you are fully aware of everything that is going on. Hopefully you weren’t spoiled too much, and it was nice to spend a few hours with you on Christmas Day, made all the better by receiving an impromptu hug as you left. Auntie Becca and I were delighted and both agree that was the best Christmas present we got!

It’s been so much fun seeing you find your own place in the world as you grow, seeing how much you like your Auntie Becca, and how much you are interacting with everyone around you. I think that’s because of the love and support your parents give, not to mention the rest of your family, love and support that will always be there.

I’m so very proud of you,

As always, love and hugs and high fives,

Unky Gee