Weekend Reading

  • Science Is Far Too Often Communicated as a One-Sided Conversation
    A 17-year-old named Gwen remained in my head after I read a recent story centered around the challenges of teaching climate science — i.e. our human contribution to climate change — to students already skeptical of its existence in rural, post-coal, post-manufacturing America.
    As with most things, communication is the make or break it seems.

  • In Defense of Coldplay
    The other day, a friend and I were chatting away and when Coldplay came up — she immediately bashed the band that I secretly and publicly adore.
    They do get a hard time, I too have been a Coldplay basher but more and more find myself NOT skipping tracks when they come on…

  • Gal Gadot will only be ‘Wonder Woman’ again if Brett Ratner is out
    “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot is continuing to battle accused Hollywood sexual harasser Brett Ratner by refusing to sign for a super­hero sequel unless the movie-maker is completely killed from the franchise.
    The best bit, yesterday they confirmed Brett Ratner is out! Awesome news.

  • How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months
    I spent 6 months and $1500 to completely make a sandwich from scratch. Including growing my own vegetables, making my own salt from ocean water, milking a cow to make cheese, grinding my own flour from wheat, collecting my own honey, and killing a chicken myself.My quest does not just cover food.
    I like a good sandwich, but this puts into perspective just how much effort goes into making them

  • Hip-hop is getting old, man
    When neighborhood block parties in the Bronx birthed rap and hip-hop in the early 1970s, hardly anyone expected the music style—barely a genre on its own, resonant as it was within some specific communities—to get very big.
    Everything is getting old. Just ask my knees…

  • Spotify is abandoning the outdated idea of corporate holidays

  • To Guys Who Think It’s “Hard To Be A Man” Right Now, I’ve Got Some News For You
    As sexual harassment allegations continue to be made public against powerful men, there’s been a theme appearing among male commentators: discomfort.
    Good! We should, AT THE VERY LEAST, feel some discomfort!

  • How a Password Changed My Life
    “How could she do something like this to me?” said a voice in my head. All the time. Every day. Back in 2011, when everything had gradients, iOS icons made sense, and people used deodorants, I was stuck in middle of a pretty bad depression due to my divorce.
    Simple things can hold such power.

  • Five ways Apple could improve iPhone X usability
    I stand by my claim that iPhone X is the best damn product Apple has ever made but that doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t get better. That includes how new features like Face ID, gesture navigation, Control Center access, and Lock screen buttons are currently implemented.
    Agree on most of these but none are dealbreakers. Letting me set Spotify as the default Music app now THAT would be good.

  • A robotic spy among the fish
    08.11.17 – A new miniature robot developed by EPFL researchers can swim with fish, learn how they communicate with each other and make them change direction or come together. These capabilities have been proven on schools of zebrafish.
    I, for one, welcome our new… etc etc

  • Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the World?
    Carbon Engineering, a company owned in part by Bill Gates, has its headquarters on a spit of land that juts into Howe Sound, an hour north of Vancouver.
    This is both fascinating and terrifying. A $4bn dollar industry in the making, just how much corruption will there be?

  • Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced
    In 2013, Colin Kaepernick was on the cover of this magazine because he was one of the best football players in the world. In 2017, Colin Kaepernick is on GQ’s cover once again—but this time it is because he isn’t playing football.
    Powerful imagery to go with a powerful, currently silent, man.

  • I Made 6 Famous Mashed Potato Recipes And Found The Very Best One

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  • Why Can’t People Stop Touching Museum Exhibits?
    You’re walking through a museum when a piece of art seems to call out to you. Maybe it’s a bowl, smooth and detailed with shiny gold leaf. Maybe it’s a statue of Venus, her hand outstretched. You walk over to this enticing object. You lean in as close as you can.
    Well how else am I supposed to know how Mona Lisa tastes??

  • Cards Against Humanity buys area of US border to prevent Trump building his wall
    The company behind a game that involves matching cards with humorously offensive phrases announced it had bought a piece of land on the US-Mexico border with the explicit aim of hindering Mr Trump’s signature policy promise.

  • How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met
    In real life, in the natural course of conversation, it is not uncommon to talk about a person you may know.
    Another reason that I might start to cut back (cut out) Facebook. Maybe 2018 is the tipping point.

  • A 70s Photographer Unveils the Ultimate New York Punk Archive on Instagram
    A downtown fixture behind a Polaroid camera at Hell’s Angels bar-turned-nightclub CBGBs, Julia Gorton took hundreds of photos of the characters that epitomized the 70s, which are slowly making their way to the public eye through her Instagram.
    Some amazing candid snaps of some amazing talents

  • This Song Was Carefully Engineered To Make Babies Happy
    You’d think a whole happy baby Spotify playlist would already exist… but apparently not.

  • Jeremy Hunt humiliated by TV star who proved his boasts about NHS improvement are “total bullshit”
    Jeremy Hunt has been diagnosed with a case of severe “bullshit” after his claims about NHS improvement under the Tories were given a second opinion by an unlikely source – Dr Who star Ralf Little.
    How the fuck do these assholes still have power?

  • How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made
    We inhabit a small planet orbiting a medium-sized star about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the Milky Way galaxy—around where Track 2 on an LP record might begin.
    I had no idea about this, mostly because I hadn’t ever given it much thought. Cool AF.

  • CompuServe’s forums, which still exist, are finally shutting down
    Before there was a World Wide Web, a sizable chunk of all meaningful conversation between computer users happened in the forums at CompuServe, which was the dominant online service until AOL came along.
    Including this so everyone else can go through the ‘they were still going’ disbelief I experienced!

  • Meet the People Who Listen to Podcasts at Super-Fast Speeds
    Rachel Kenny started listening to podcasts in 2015 — and quickly fell behind. “As I started subscribing to more and more podcasts, they started stacking up, and I couldn’t keep up at normal speed,” the 26-year-old data scientist in Indianapolis told BuzzFeed News.
    I struggle at 2x this is bonkers

  • 11 Beloved Movies That Were Box Office Flops
    It’s hard to believe that some beloved films didn’t find immediate success when they were released, but sometimes movies are just ahead of their time. Here are 11 famous examples of celebrated classics that were box office bombs.
    I actually saw Shawshank at the cinema, loved it, and didn’t get why people were only ‘discovering it’ a couple of years later.

  • Monetising millennials: what the corporate world thinks it knows about young people
    Before the opening keynote of the Millennial 20/20 Sydney conference, a man strides up, folds me into a boardroom-firm handshake and gazes deeply into my eyes.
    OK. Time to just switch everything off, this is utterly fucked.

  • 006: Ann Friedman – The News Is Not Good
    How do you maintain your sanity — and avoid apathy — in the face of a relentlessly negative news cycle?
    An episode a new podcast that I’ve started to listen to. Well worth checking this one out.

  • Who Was Prince in Private?
    In his fifty-seven years, Prince mastered the art of control—not merely the show of self-possession but the daily practice of it. The gravitational pull of racial, sexual, spiritual systems did not appear to act on him.
    Still makes me so sad.

  • Psychologists Explain Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Swear A Lot
    Growing up, we’re usually taught to refrain from swearing because it’s inappropriate and rude. There’s definitely a bit of a social stereotype in which those who swear are seen as uneducated, but according to a recent study, potty mouths might be a lot smarter than they were once perceived.

  • A New Phone Comes Out. Yours Slows Down. A Conspiracy? No.
    It happens every year: Apple releases new iPhones, and then hordes of people groan about their older iPhones slowing to a crawl. Just look at the recent data.
    Ha! Yes. Of course it’s a conspiracy (seriously if they COULD to this, some companies definitely would)