October in review



My birthday month, something I am increasingly not bothered about celebrating (hence why it doesn’t pop up on Facebook) and a few gigs as we start to roll into gig season. Weezer were fab, Grizzly Bear were ok. Also got some more tickets for gigs next year, nothing major really… Roger Waters, Foo Fighters, just small gigs… tell that to my bank account mind you.

And despite ordering it weeks in advance, the Halloween costume I ordered failed to show in time for the party I was attending, but my backup t-shirt was just fine (simply read ‘Error 404 – Costume not found’).

Gym is still a thing. Feels like I’m turning a corner with it, three times a week now.

Caught up with a guy I went to school with, hadn’t seen him since then so was both odd and familiar in a weird way.

Ohh and finally got a contract extension for 6 months to see me through to next year. Makes Xmas a little more relaxed.

Stepcount: 265,833.


The Loney
My choice for book club and I enjoyed it. A dark story that slowly gets darker and darker, touching on religious fanaticism and a very mature young boy and his brother as they travel to a religious retreat. The events that unfold are a little too telegraphed but I liked this. Some good writing and a reasonable story.


Stranger Things. No, not the second series, the first. I hadn’t watched it as I didn’t really think it was my thing but, and I’m only a few episodes in, I’m really enjoying it. It’s not as ‘horror’ as I’d been made to believe, but is nicely weird with that wonderful 80s theme going on. Yeah, ok, you were all right, it’s fab!

Also good

  • Thor: Ragnarok – Utterly silly big movie stuff this, but it’s funny, self-deprecating and fun. I do like that the ‘Avengers’ movies each have their own styles (Thor = big and fun, Captain America = dour and lifeless?)
  • Blue Planet II – always MUST WATCH TV and with the advances in technology there is some stunning imagery. Fascinating, engaging, and informative.


Weezer. Mostly. To prepare for the gig. Also some Grizzly Bear for the same reason.

Nothing notably new that stuck though, but then I didn’t really go looking for anything this month, too much else going on.