Weekend Reading

  • “Thing” now has a new definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, thanks to “The West Wing”
    Every quarter, the OED updates its expansive catalog with new words that reflect the changing times. This month, more than 1,200 new words and phrases were added to the list. For example, “woke” and “post-truth” made the cut—the latter was dubbed “word of the year” by the OED in 2016.
    Without even realising it I co-opted this usage as well, for, you know, that thing…

  • Mumbai has the world’s second-largest collection of Art Deco buildings but no one notices them
    Always look up, writ large in Mumbai.

  • A Lecture About the History of the Scots Language … in Scots: How Much Can You Comprehend?
    Dauvit Horsbroch has served as the Language and Information Officer of the Scots Language Centre since 2007, and has spent considerable time living in North East Scotland. Above, watch him give a 19-minute lecture on the history of the Scots language … in Scots.
    Please note: this is a distinct language, it’s not gaelic, nor just English with some Scots slang.

  • Hayley Webster on Twitter
    1. I want to tweet an experience I had last week that summed up some stuff for me re women saying ‘No’, that I’ve been trying to articulate.
    A twitter thread for ALL MEN (Yes, ALL MEN) to read.

  • I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People
    Like many Americans, I’m having politics fatigue. Or, to be more specific, arguing-about-politics fatigue. Personally, I’m happy to pay an extra 4.3 percent for my fast food burger if it means the person making it for me can afford to feed their own family.
    I’d dearly love the word compassion to start, and stay, trending. We are all lumps on flesh on the same planet, can’t we get along?

  • How ‘Wellness’ Became an Epidemic
    When Gwyneth Paltrow first launched Goop in 2008, it was a great place to find out where to eat the best tapas in Barcelona. It was straight-up celebrity-lifestyle voyeurism, and Paltrow, with her long blonde hair and aura of complete self-satisfaction, was irresistible.
    Given my recent sojourn into this territory it is at once fascinating and terrifying that so much unbridled bullshit goes unchecked.

  • 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest, Part II
    The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest is open to submissions until the end of this week, June 30. The grand-prize winner will receive a 10-day trip for two to the Galápagos Archipelago with National Geographic Expeditions.
    Because, hey, this planet thing we are on is pretty damn amazing.

  • The funny thing about wanting something badly
    Every day, I talk to someone who wants something badly: a postdoc looking for his first industry research role or an applications scientist who feels that her destiny is to become one of the company’s highly paid regional sales managers.
    Less is more. Life lesson #67… ohh I’ve lost count.

  • Chris Froome: Tour De France & the secret world of climbing
    The first thing you notice when you shake Chris Froome’s hand is how lean he is: big eyes, thin cheekbones, black t-shirt and shorts hanging off him as if they are two sizes too big. We are in Monaco, with the Tour de France imminent.
    Despite the doping scandals I hope in years to come we will look back at realise just how remarkable this guy is (but then, didn’t we say that about that Lance guy?)

  • Pride in London is not worthy of the LGBTQ+ community’s support
    The concept of ‘pride’ has become the central discussion point within the LGBTQ+ community in recent years. The trailblazers of the 1960s and 70s literally ran riot, did time and, in some cases, died, fighting for basic respect and recognition.
    Ugh ugh and more ugh. I’m not close to the Pride movement and I sincerely hope this ‘model’ isn’t reflected elsewhere.

  • Greetings, E.T. (Please Don’t Murder Us.)
    A new initiative to beam messages into space may be our best shot yet at learning whether we’re alone in the universe. There’s just one problem: What if we’re not?
    We are all just lumps living on this … actually, you know what, dear E.T. please come down and wipe the slate clean, we’ve kinda fucked everything up.

  • Britain’s ancient parliament officially goes “business casual”
    It’s the end of an era for Britain. For centuries, Britain’s House of Commons has adhered to strict rules (pdf) seen as vital to the smooth-running of daily affairs.
    ….. [insert your own ‘shouldn’t they be vosting on more important things right now’ sarcastic comment, I’m out] …..

  • Christopher on Twitter
    Strange request. Anyone know anyone famous/well known who could send Ollie a positive/9th birthday message. The bully keeps saying to him
    Another twitter thread but what a great one to end on. Keep scrolling, it gets better and better. Note: you may well up/cry like an eejit. SEE! COMPASSION!!!

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