Weekend Reading

  • Groom surprises bride with a pug puppy on their wedding day, tears ensue
    As if a wedding day isn’t magical enough, groom Stephen Watt wanted to take it one paw-dorable step further by surprising his bride, Keriann Watt, a lifelong pug-lover, with her very own puppy at their reception in Luss, Scotland.
    The power of social media! This is a friend of my sister, she was at the wedding! Seeing this picked up by US media was fascinating! Also… PUPPY!!

  • This Baker Makes Internet Trolls Eat Their Words — Literally
    The social media world is heavily populated by trolls — you know, those people who write nasty, mean comments online. Sometimes it can be tempting to respond back, but what if there’s a better alternative? Like sending them a cake…. with their words written on it.
    And once they’ve finished their tasty cake… he reveals the true ingredients! (he doesn’t, but I wish he did)

  • America Made Me a Feminist
    I used to think the word “feminist” reeked of insecurity. A woman who needed to state that she was equal to a man might as well be shouting that she was smart or brave. If you were, you wouldn’t need to say it. I thought this because back then, I was a Swedish woman.
    Is the word ‘feminist’ in danger of … well I’m not sure what, but it seems like it gets twisted every which way by different parties…

  • The Warriors Duped The NBA
    Chuck Jones, the classic Warner Bros. animator, used to say that we are all defined by our disciplines: When anything is possible, the things we don’t do are just as important as the things we do.
    Fascinating to see the beginnings of a dynasty

  • ‘Seductive names’ make vegetables more appealing
    How do you get more people to eat their greens? Give vegetables seductive names, say US researchers. Healthy labels, such as “wholesome”, were a turn-off, even though the dishes were identical in every other way.
    Probably says a lot about me that when I read the title I thought… “Cassandra the Carrot??” no, that THAT type of name …

  • Feline Food Issues? ‘Whisker Fatigue’ May Be to Blame
    Moon was having eating issues, familiar ones to many cat owners: He batted food out of his bowl before he would eat it. Some days he seemed terrified even to approach his feeding dish. Moon’s owner, Cheryl Anne Gardner, did some internet research and found the likely cause: whisker fatigue.
    Sharing for those with cats.

  • Steps I Take to Counteract Gentrification While Living In a Luxury Building in Brooklyn
    Bring people’s attention to important issues by posting #BlackLivesMatter stickers all over my building’s sauna. Speak Spanish to Roberto at in lobby coffeeshop while he makes my $7 dark roast with almond milk.
    Many of these steps could be taken in the UK…

  • The impossible job: Compiling the fixture list
    The man behind compiling the Premier League fixture list for 2017/18, Glenn Thompson, of Atos, explains how travel plans and rail and road networks play a role in deciding when matches are played.
    Football geekery for stats fiends.

  • Freediving Is the Lung-Crushing, Mind-Altering Path to Inner Peace
    How the high-risk, high-reward extreme sport helps conquer your fear of the deep through meditation. The Guinness World Record for holding one’s breath underwater is 24 minutes and 3 seconds. Most humans, however, can barely make it a minute and a half.
    I am always fascinated by those who push themselves beyond boundaries.

  • How a Philly Ob-Gyn Ended Up Delivering a Baby Gorilla
    Last Friday, at 10:30 a.m., ob-gyn Rebekah McCurdy was seeing patients in her office when she got the call. Hello, said the voice on the line. It’s us. We’re thinking of doing a C-section, and we’re ready to put her under anesthesia. Weird, thought McCurdy.
    Interesting article but mostly posting for the pics of a BABY GORILLA WHICH IS TOTES ADOREBALLS

  • The off-kilter cinematography of Mr. Robot
    Using traditional cinematography, characters are not usually confined to the bottom third of the screen, crammed all the way in the corner, or placed right at the edge of the screen, looking offscreen. But rules are meant to be broken..
    Some people think this is a cheap gimmick, but it’s one reason I like this show (and why I enjoy The Shining which employs some similar visual headfuckery)

  • To the Women Over 40 and the 20-Somethings Who Write About Them
    I’m officially in my 40s. I’m surrounded by teenagers. And I’m tired of fetuses on the internet telling me what to do. One of the things? Wear big hoop earrings.
    I’m officially in my 40s. A lot of this resonates (not the hoop earrings bit though… not yet at least)

  • Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2016
    The winners have been announced in the 4th edition of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition.

  • Spotify’s users are loving it to death
    Spotify may be the world’s most popular subscription music streaming service, but that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near profitable. In fact, the more music users stream, the more millions Spotify loses.
    Please don’t die Spotify, please.

  • Cosmic ‘Bruise’ Could Be Evidence for Multiple Universes
    It sounds wild. But the idea that we live in a multiverse — a cosmos where an infinite number of universes exist beside our own — is no longer confined to science fiction. It’s a respectable theory among scientists, so much so that some are on the hunt for proof of a nearby universe.
    Apparently universes may have ‘bumped into’ each other. I can’t even… I mean… what??