Weekend Reading

  • Nabisco’s X-Rated Toy Scandal of 1971
    No one at Nabisco’s corporate headquarters in New York City had any idea why members of the National Organization for Women were lined up outside.
    The truth is always stranger than fiction. ALWAYS.
  • For many in my fearful, frustrated generation, “having it all” means opting out of monogamy
    The Daily Mail would have you believe that polyamory is all wild orgies. Think more tea and washing up rotas. Polyamory, if you believe the news­papers, is the hot new lifestyle option for affectless hipsters with alarming haircuts, or a sex cult, or both.
    A great article on a topic dear to my heart.
  • What I Learned Working With Jony Ive’s Team On The Apple Watch
    Meet Bob Messerschmidt. Apple quietly acquired Messerschmidt’s startup in 2010 (after Messerschmidt sent Steve Jobs an unsolicited email, but that’s another story).
    Fanboy alert: Not quite pulling back the curtain to display Oz but an insight into a very secretive company called Apple.
  • Brain Region Associated with Generosity Uncovered
    This particular brain region seems to makes some people quicker to learn empathy for others, the study found. Previous research has shown that this same brain region is smaller in those suffering from major depression or bipolar disorder.
    The more we learn about the brain, we more complex it seems.
  • The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber
    Alex Honnold has his own verb. “To honnold”—usually written as “honnolding”—is to stand in some high, precarious place with your back to the wall, looking straight into the abyss. To face fear, literally.
    Speaking of brains (no this isn’t a zombie special) here’s an interesting chap.
  • Free Soloing with Alex Honnold
    Join rock climber Alex Honnold in his ascent of Half Dome, nearly 2,000 feet — without a rope.
    From the previous article. Warning: May induce vertigo and fear!
  • How Fish Sticks Became the Food of the Future That Nobody Asked For
    As a society, our relationship with food is in constant flux. Sometimes we value efficiency in the name of feeding as many people as possible. Other times we value quality ingredients in the name of nurturing the body or soul.
    Fish dicks. That is all.
  • Humans need to swear. But are we wearing out obscenities?
    Humans are a profoundly foul-mouthed species, as anyone who’s taken part in an emotional argument, listened to a toddler recite the words she’s picked up from her family, or hit a thumb with a hammer—that is, all of us—can attest.
    Bet you thought I’d include a swear here, ha, gotcha!
  • The Fake Dicks Are Coming, at the University of Texas at Austin
    One week from Wednesday, gun opponents predict the campus at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin will be covered with students hanging dildos from their backpacks for the first day of classes. The action comes in protest of a new right for gun owners in the state.
    Fish dicks. Wait, what?
  • Yes, There Is Such a Thing as an ‘Introvert’ Hangover
    The first Christmas I spent with my now-husband, he took me to a family event at his aunt’s house. He mentioned during the drive that this was a family reunion of sorts, with people having flown in from all over the country. Needless to say, this made me a little apprehensive.
    This, many many times this! Reminds me of a line from a song “before his first step, he’s off again”.
  • How Big Is A Fart? Somewhere Between A Bottle Of Nail Polish And A Can Of Soda
    The questions kids ask about science aren’t always easy to answer. Sometimes, their little brains can lead to big places adults forget to explore.
    My new favourite question I think (and the answer may surprise you).
  • Someone please explain to Kim Kardashian that she’s a feminist—and that’s OK
    Kim Kardashian recently underwent a complicated exercise in cognitive dissonance, declaring on her website that she believes in feminism but is not a feminist herself. “Why do we have to put labels on things,” she asks.
    I am a feminist.