Weekend Reading

  • Until I was a man, I had no idea how good men had it at work
    Testosterone made my voice low. Really low. So low that I am almost impossible to hear in a loud bar or a cacophonous meeting, unless I speak at a ragged near-shout. But when I do talk, people don’t just listen: they lean in.
    Something I am aware of in the workplace, it really needs to change faster.
  • Starbucks Orders and the Mass Customization of American Food
    Food customization is more than a craze in America—it’s a reflection of identity. It’s been said that there are 87,000 ways to order a drink at Starbucks.
    What’s wrong with my Grande Skinny Latte, Extra Hot, with Sugar-free Vanilla Syrup??
  • Racism is the bogeyman
    I started having a nightmare when I was 11 – not nightmares – just a single, vivid reoccurring dream. In it, I answered the door to my parents house. A man wearing a cap raised his shotgun and blasted me in the gut. Reflexively, I reached down and could feel the hole.
    Views outside my own always hit hard, all I can do is keep reading, learning, and supporting however I can. We all should.
  • How Typography Can Save Your Life
    After decades of silently shouting at the top of its lungs, the National Weather Service recently announced that it’s going to stop publishing its forecasts and weather warnings in ALL CAPS.
    AS IF ANYONE PAYS ANY ATTENTION TO THINGS IN ALL CAPS (I said, as if anyone pays any attention to things in ALL CAPS).
  • The Longest Shortest Distance
    I’m convinced a lot of us like to believe the shortest distance from point A to B is a straight line. That’s a nice thought though. Really, wouldn’t life be so much easier? The reality, I’ve learned, is that life looks more like a giant, haphazard scribble drawn by my 2 year-old daughter.
    New life motto, ‘life is a scribble’. I like it.
  • There’s No Such Thing as Free Will
    But we’re better off believing in it anyway. For centuries, philosophers and theologians have almost unanimously held that civilization as we know it depends on a widespread belief in free will—and that losing this belief could be calamitous.
    I should probably thank you for reading these comments
  • A Psychologist Analyzes Donald Trump’s Personality
    Narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity — a psychologist investigates how Trump’s extraordinary personality might shape his possible presidency.
  • Post-it Note War Erupts On Canal Street
    Companies in buildings across the street from each other are filling their windows with Post-it notes in elaborate designs in what’s become something of a colorful battle of one-upsmanship, as first reported by New York 1.
    LOVE this, LOVE IT!! (Ohhh sorry, you won’t read that cos ALL CAPS… )
  • Blue Feed, Red Feed
    Recent posts from sources where the majority of shared articles aligned “very liberal” (blue, on the left) and “very conservative” (red, on the right) in a large Facebook study.
    Facebook offers biased news? Look at the surprise on my face! (for those reading in the dark, there is no surprise in my face)
  • Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone
    Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of national energy network figures.
    But hey, all these hippy dippy sources of energy aren’t really worth the money, right? *rolls eyes*
  • Lessons from America’s First Memory World Champion
    On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, Alex Mullen, the country’s top-ranked memory athlete, joined his parents and grandmother for dinner at a restaurant near his grandmother’s home, in Easton, Pennsylvania.
    If there is an anti-memory competition, I think I’d have a shot.
  • The inside story of when Run‑DMC met Aerosmith and changed music forever
    It’s 1986. Rap music is explosive and on the rise but still misunderstood and barely represented in the mainstream. The leading innovators are Run-DMC, a trio from Queens who sport black leather jackets and unlaced Adidas sneakers.
    Love stuff like this, didn’t realise Rick Rubin produced it (and the Beastie Boys provided the bass guitar).
  • We need a Paris climate talks to fix the global food system
    The Paris climate agreement began its long road to implementation with a formal signing ceremony in New York in April, attended by representatives of some 170 countries.
    I do wish politics would get out of the way, some of these large ecosystem related discussions need to happen, and yes, we all might need to take the hit. For the better good and all that.
  • Privileging the Forbidden
    Adam Phillips has been called “the Oliver Sacks of psychoanalysis,” and in his remarkable new book, Unforbidden Pleasures, he writes about agency and desire in an utterly transformative way.
    Basically, pause and be mindful of yourself and your surroundings? AKA Buddhism?