The festive season is over, the last few chocolates have been scoffed (or taken into work), and soon it will be time to tentatively approach the bathroom scales and hope they don’t mock too hard.

By now the detritus of the last few weeks has been recycled and dumped, presents received have already been pressed into action, or hidden away in a cupboard only to be the recipient of a puzzled discovery in late August; where the hell did I get this?

Thoughts turn to the months that lie ahead, oh so many months, so much time with which we promise ourselves to do much. Plans are made, diets are started, gyms are joined, and the hope of new habits, better habits, are laid bare.

Less is more.

This is my resolution – in reality, my only aim is to stop NOT doing things – to find a path to less, declutter my mind, declutter my home, reduce my waistline. It was ever thus.

The struggles lie ahead of me, hope is strong in the light of the new year, this sentence sounds like it was taken from a Star Wars movie.

Basically what I’m trying to say, in lots and lots of words (because I also promised myself I’d try and write more… but no that is NOT a resolution), is that I will continue where I left off last year. I will declutter my life as best I know how.

I’ve already made a start by stepping away from Facebook. Once less place that pulls me into negative emotions, not to mention the amount of time wasted on nothing memorable at all. Yes, it might mean I won’t really understand what current meme people are aping, but in the grand scheme of things, as I continue my plummet towards old age and death, who gives a shit?

Anyway, Happy New Year and all that bobbins and, yes as it happens I had a bloody fantastic Christmas and New Year thanks!