Weekend Reading

Happy New Year to you all! A shorter list this week, being posted via my phone on (barely) a 3G signal from the banks of Loch Lomond – I can see the Loch from where I’m sitting – enjoy!!

  • The Believer – Destroy All Monsters
    This article is divided into two parts: a manual and a scenario. The first part, the manual, is an exposition of the game Dungeons & Dragons: what it is, how…
    I have never played D&D, but always found the idea of it fascinating.
  • Going Pro
    I’ve been wanting to do this for five years now and it’s finally happened. I sold my MacBook Pro to go all-in on iPad as my main personal computer. Yesterday, I…
    Second article like this I’ve read and it is making me think, could I do it?
  • The True Story of Roland the Farter, and How the Internet Killed Professional Flatulence
    A plate originally from The Image of Irelande, by John Derrick, published in 1581. Note the flatulentists on the right side (h/t the Lavatory Reader)
    The season of excess suggests this story may be closer to our hearts than many will admit…
  • 7 joyous New Year’s food traditions from around the world
    As you’re counting down the minutes until the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, you might need…
    A like starting new traditions, but might need to keep this in mind at the end of the year (it’s a while away, I know).
  • No Offense
    It’s strange to edit a feminist website when almost nothing offends you, because the feminist website is traditionally imagined to run on offense.
    This is not…
    Still learning, and this article is an interesting insight that I hope others may find useful.
  • Resolutions, Schmesolutions! 10 Author Quotes In Praise of Indulgence
    Joseph Heller, Miami Bookfair International, 1986
    If you’re stirred by these author quotes, amble down our archive for more.
    We’ve reached that time of year…
    My suggestion: do whatever makes you happy and don’t be an arse.
  • The bigger picture of polyamory
    I have been polyamorous for most of my adult life. It’s something I grew into gradually, through a lot of questioning and curiosity and discussion…
    I’m bookmarking this one for people who ask me what being poly is like, and why I have chosen it.

Yes, I’ve added my own thoughts/reasons why I’ve included each post. not sure if I’ll stick with it, mostly because I’m not sure it’s of any use to anyone but myself. Time will tell.