Weekend Reading

I’m really enjoying compiling these posts, I hope you are enjoying some of the selections.

  • Apple Music’s a Crushing Disappointment, But Not Because It’s Bad
    What happened? By all accounts, Apple Music is a totally serviceable streaming music service. But it’s 2015. Give me more than the same old service everybody’s been offering for years.
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  • Sky High
    On a warm July night in 2012, I watched the launching of a fireworks display I’d helped to build, and which our team of nine had spent a week installing as a competitive entry in L’International des Feux in Montreal, the most prestigious fireworks competition in the world.
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  • A Long Walk’s End
    When fugitive James T. Hammes went on the run, he went for a hike On a Saturday morning in May, 2015, a group of law enforcement agents, the FBI among them, knocked on the front door of the Montgomery Homestead Inn in Damascus, Virginia.
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  • The Women Who Secretly Keep ISIS Running
    The U.S. military campaign against self-proclaimed Islamic State may be focused on the male fighters conducting attacks across Iraq and Syria. But the richest human intelligence source to fall into U.S. hands to date is the widow of a senior ISIS member.
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  • What’s the Point of Handwriting?
    Sylvia’s handwriting was looping and crisp and clean. Though she was my girlfriend, I was, as with most girls I knew in high school, intensely jealous of her penmanship—of what seemed, at the time, like its unreachable, feminine perfection.
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  • Why Do TV Characters All Own the Same Weird Old Blanket? A Slate Investigation.
    You’ve seen it before: the multicolored, crocheted emblem of TV Americana. It features discordant colors and a chunky weave. It’s usually draped across the back of a sitcom sofa or at the foot of a bed. One day, I was watching The Big Bang Theory when I felt the tug of déjà vu.
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  • Well-Aimed and Powerful
    The astronauts walked with the easy saunter of athletes. . . . Once they sat down, however, the mood shifted. Now they were there to answer questions about a phenomenon which even ten years ago would have been considered material unfit for serious discussion.
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  • Social Issues: A Woman in Uniform
    Editor’s Note: In keeping with what’s clearly become a habit for the Social Issues section, we give the floor over to an under-heard—and in this case, quite controversial—voice in society: the police officer. This being Grey, hers is no ordinary point of view, and she’s no ordinary cop.
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  • Your next selfie could be your last, Russia warns
    The Russian government this week warned its citizens of the life-threatening dangers involved with selfies, as part of a new public awareness campaign.
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  • Facebook’s new friends icon takes the chip off the woman’s shoulder
    Following up on its subtle logo redesign last week, Facebook is introducing some new friends icons — or rather, Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner is introducing them. In a post on Medium, Winner explains how she changed the social network’s icons to bring women to the fore.
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  • How Grounded Is Your Love Life?
    Balancing on one leg may test the stability not just of your body but also of your marriage or other intimate relationships, according to a remarkable new study of how bodily posture may affect emotional thinking.
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  • The rejectionists
    We can choose to define ourselves (our smarts, our brand, our character) on who rejects us. Or we can choose to focus on those that care enough to think we matter.
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  • Gravity
    This essay, recommended by Longreads contributor Maud Newton, is by the writer Elizabeth Bachner and appears in the current issue of Hip Mama magazine. The first issue of Hip Mama was published in December, 1993, by the founding editor, Ariel Gore, as a multicultural forum for radical mothers.
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  • The Walking Dead
    This is the third piece in a three-part series on sleep. Read part one, on falling asleep, and part two, on sleeping and dreaming.
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  • The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New
    Forget overpriced schools, long days in a crowded classroom, and pitifully poor results. These websites and apps cover myriads of science, art, and technology topics. They will teach you practically anything, from making hummus to building apps in node.js, most of them for free.
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  • The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá
    They were two pretty young women in search of pork ribs for a barbecue later that day, a Saturday in the summer of 2013. Janeth Páez suggested that they stop by a grocery store not far from where her friend Laura Vega Garzón lived in northern Bogotá.
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