Back from Somerset

It’s always a bit odd, returning home after spending 5 days trudging round fields, drinking cider and enjoying various forms of entertainment, the post festival blues are real.

My third time at Glastonbury and it continues to delight, amaze, annoy and bewilder all at the same time. I come away with real thoughts of changing my life, examining what I currently deem makes me happy – all these THINGS and OBJECTS, what do they give me? – and challenge myself to try and change, even a little. This, nicely, fits with the ongoing desire to simplify and minimise my life.

Entertainment wise, it was mostly music based this year, and a lot of walking and exploring, still didn’t find the hidden piano bar but did cover almost every single part of the site. Favourite performances were probably Nadine Shah, Mary J. Blige, and The Chemical Brothers. But a lot of other notable mentions – Furs, Gaz Coombes, Florence and the Machine, Pharrell…

Next time I’m determined to avoid the Pyramid and Other Stage as much as I can, but then I’d have missed Lionel Ritchie (biggest crowd of the weekend!), I still think it’s a good aim, there is so much to see and do.

And now back to reality which is devoid of cider, hills, and random conversations with strangers – this year we met Martin who was, it’s safe to say, completely off his face. Lovely bloke though.

A final highlight was a brief chat with one of the policemen who said he’d been working at the Festival for the past 20 years and it’s gone from being a nightmare to a pleasant, enjoyable experience.

Well done Glastonbury, maybe see you next year?