Weekend Reading

A few things that I’ve read this week, you might enjoy them too:

  • How Indie Rock Changed the World
    Two decades before a bunch of geeky American boys messing around on computers created social media, an earlier generation of geeky kids (mostly boys) messing around on guitars created another sort of social network.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Eij6Se

  • Body, Soul, and the Elusive Seedbed of Our Identity: Lewis Carroll on the Material and Immaterial Forces of Life, in a Letter to a Little Girl
    The perplexity of why your identity endures even if all the cells in your body are wholly replaced every seven years.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1HxVT3h

    Many thanks to Marlowe for clarifying that Advocaat is the beverage being referred to in this scene. As it turns out, the “Snowball” is the most widely known cocktail made with Advocaat.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1HG8Acq

  • The 10 Most Outrageous Theories About What The Shining Really Means
    Underwire The 10 Most Outrageous Theories About What The Shining Really Means
    Read: http://ift.tt/1SEN1Ps

  • Waiting for the Weekend
    A whole two days off from work, in which we can do what we please, has only recently become a near-universal right. What we choose to do looks increasingly like work, and idleness has acquired a bad name. Herein, a history of leisure
    Read: http://ift.tt/1sWVq65

  • What Your Morning Coffee Has To Do With Erections
    According to new research from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, men who drink the caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee per day are less likely to have erectile dysfunction.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1F8pBYG

  • The Secret History of Ultimate Marvel, the Experiment That Changed Superheroes Forever
    A reboot is a delicate thing. When a once-profitable franchise of characters becomes stale, outdated, or overly complex, there will always be voices calling for the slate to be wiped clean: to take the characters back to their basics, retell their origin stories, make them contemporary.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1PL6izP

  • The Pride of U2
    A free album no one asked for. A massive tour millions will see. A legendary career. An army of haters. To be U2 is to be in contradiction with the culture, while trying to be the culture. Thirty-five years into its existence, what does the band mean now?
    Read: http://ift.tt/1LMGQDJ

  • The Misconception about Money and Motivation · Intense Minimalism
    There’s nothing like an incentive to motivate people. And if you really want to drive them, make it a cash incentive. — “The Merits Of Incentive Prizes For Driving Innovation” on Forbes by Peter H. Diamandis and Jeremy Howard
    Read: http://ift.tt/1EBEDWr

  • I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.
    “Slim by Chocolate!” the headlines blared. A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a chocolate bar every day.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1QaGGY8

  • 7 Bookstores Too Beautiful For Words
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Btgv8f


  1. I love these link posts. Very old school, in a good way… but most importantly, I’ve found something interesting to read from each one so far. Feedback in the moment, man!

  2. Yeah it’s been fun to do… although right now it’s more from a geeky, why can’t I FULLY automate this (there is still some hand cranking)… but yeah I’ve been reading longer articles for a while now, and when http://www.iand.net started doing something similar I remembered that I used to do these on t’other blog.

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