Weekend Reading

A few things that I’ve read this week, you might enjoy them too:

  • Playground Purgatory
    ANNA: Is that your little guy over there? SARA: Yeah, that’s Sebastian.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1IvipwR
  • B.B. King’s Best Songs: A Playlist
    B.B. King, who died Thursday night at age 89, was a famous blues star in an age that had mostly forgotten about the blues. But King’s talent was too large to remain confined in a niche music genre.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1ELExM2
  • B.B. King: The Big Life of a Blues Giant
    B.B. King was, in every sense, a giant figure in blues, intimately connected with the origins of the form, crucial to its development, and instrumental in its increasing mainstream popularity.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1KRxCFT
  • ‘Am I Womansplaining To You?’: An Interview With Jessica Hopper
    Appropriately enough, when I call her for our interview, Jessica Hopper is trying to find a box that fits.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Figwmx
  • I Stole A Pen From Douglas Adams’ Grave
    I like going to cemeteries when I travel. For one thing, it’s interesting to stumble across famous people’s graves. (Two-hit wonder and Austrian darling Falco, whose grave I discovered while in Vienna, is resting under a near life-size portrait printed on clear Plexiglas.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1bKi7nf
  • Meeting Ireland’s polyamory community: ‘If you have the time you can be in love with lots of people’
    Barbara McCarthy talks to members of a polyamory group after a reality TV contestant explained why she can’t be monogamous.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Ftm5yA
  • The only way is down: 18 notes on the UK election
    So, good morning. I’m afraid it’s true: that nightmare you had, it wasn’t a dream. Let yourself feel the shock, the rawness of disappointment sharpened by sleep deprivation.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1IYycTS
  • The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan That Forever Changed Film
    No one wanted Star Wars when George Lucas started shopping it to studios in the mid-1970s. It was the era of Taxi Driver and Network and Serpico; Hollywood was hot for authenticity and edgy drama, not popcorn space epics. But that was only part of the problem.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1PTP3ar
  • The Night the Ali-Liston Fight Came to Lewiston
    LEWISTON, Me. — A couple of times each month, with the rate accelerating during summer, a car will pull into the parking lot of a small, quaint multipurpose arena on Birch Street in this once-thriving mill city along the banks of the Androscoggin River.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1B9Fdu5
  • Turn your brain off and get to sleep
    I know sleep is important, and when I get enough I am amazingly productive. The problem is getting enough.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1S75ioo
  • A Hero’s Just A Sandwich
    We all spend at least a few thoughts on our place in the world. We worry whether we are being perceived as we intend by our friends, co-workers, maybe even our families.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1EVpDmE
  • The Cuteness Matrix // Jealousy, Polyamory, Femininity
    I’ve done a lot of thinking and praying and struggling and writing and reflecting and work on jealousy. I kind of just want to write jealousyjealousyjealousy all over everything, all over my face.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1HgymkT
  • The Sliding Scale of Giving a Fuck
    During my first big project at Etsy, completely overhauling our Item Reviews system, I was paired with Andrew Morrison, an incredibly talented engineer (and now a very good friend).
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Ki2gLC
  • Barbapapa at 45: bon anniversaire to much-loved French cartoon clan
    Barbapapa, the splodgy pink cartoon character beloved by French schoolchildren and translated into 30 languages, has reached middle age.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1IIUcmR
  • How Eddie Van Halen Hacks a Guitar
    If it was movable, or turnable, or anything that resembled something that could go up or down, I would mess with it to make the amp run hotter. I opened the amp up and saw this thing. I found out later it was a bias control, which controls the power to the output tubes.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1Hvxdey
  • Monkey day care
    As a toddler in 1981 and 1982, I attended a day care with monkeys. Or, perhaps more precisely, I was part of a study in the form of a day care that involved monkeys. I was two, then three. I remember nothing. I know about it because my dad liked to tease me about it.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1FvPS7T
  • Sisyu: The Japanese Calligraphy Artist Who Created the Kanji for Pixar’s Inside Out
    As Pixar plans the release of their latest film ‘Inside Out,’ slated to hit the big screen in the U.S. on June 17th, so too turns the Japanese marketing engine, albeit in a different direction.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1IMf0d6
  • Searching for happiness
    Meet Bob. Bob is an average guy. He has a decent job and works normal hours. He makes enough money to pay his bills, and even puts a few dollars into a savings account most months.
    Read: http://ift.tt/1mi4SOh