2015: A year for failing

Resolutions get some flack.

I understand, after all why does an arbitrary date mean that it’s time for change? Thing is, sometimes people need something to latch on to, a hook to hang their hopes on. Maybe that’s all New Year is, a placeholder, a line in the sand, a marker round which to base some goals.

I also know that a good goal is time based, so starting a new one at the beginning of a calendar year makes perfect sense.

Either way, for those who want to try and change I say more power to them, regardless of when in the year they want to try. I wish them all the best and send positivity, good karma and best wishes their way.

As for me, well I’m torn. In the past I’ve tried not making resolutions, I’ve also tried making resolutions. Ultimately either approach has had little effect on me, I either load myself up with guilt when I fail, or I have a fleeting sense of achievement when I succeed but that never really lasts.

So this year I am resolved to fail.

I will try and eat more healthily.
I will try and exercise more.
I will try and read 24 books this year.
I will try and be a better partner to those I love.
I will try and control my temper, and let go of the little annoyances that can overrule my common sense.
I will try and be better at lots of things.

And I will fail at some, or all, of those at one point or another.

But whilst I’m failing I’ll still be trying, learning and improving.

And that’s good enough for me.

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  1. Z said:

    There’s no logic to it, but the arbitrary end of a year does have significance to me. I’m so glad to see the back of last year that it gives me hope for the next. I’ve realised that, if resolutions are to be made, I’ll make them at any time of the year. Now, mine is just to be resolute.

    January 3, 2015

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